Animal Sciences

The relationship between man and animals is something that philosophers, poets, artists, scholars and scientists have explored for eons. Whether we are talking about domestic, wild or farm animals we continually strive to understand them and to consider their needs whilst at the same time balancing this with sustaining our own.

When we look at the welfare of farm animals we are also as a consequence improving the quality and safety of food for ourselves. In addition when we take care of domestic or companion animals we are addressing our own emotional needs as well as providing security for those in our charge. Managing our landscape and environment also has to be measured against the needs of our wild animals.

The link between science in all of its specialisms and general welfare of animals is a strong one and provides us with a wealth of study areas. As an Animal Sciences graduate at Harper Adams you will be presented with many opportunities to broaden your knowledge and develop the specific skills that are needed in the global multi-million pound livestock, animal welfare and food industries.

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