Meat Business Management

Year of entry


1 year

Start date: September 2017



The course

Working with the UK’s meat industry, and with the support of The Worshipful Company of Butchers, Harper Adams University has developed a Postgraduate course in Meat Business Management designed to provide staff from the meat industry with the knowledge and skills required to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of their employers’ businesses and to develop their own career potential within the meat industry.

The UK’s meat industry represents one of the most important sectors of the country’s food supply system and a key component of the agri-food supply chain.  Many factors limit and threaten the success and security of the meat industry, and not least the ability of the industry to attract and retain staff with the right knowledge and skills.  Being able to develop and maintain a resource of appropriately experienced, knowledgeable and qualified supervisory and management staff must be a primary strategic objective for any meat business as the success and growth of such businesses depends on possessing capable and appropriately educated staff.  Equally, the long term stability of meat businesses relies on effective and achievable management succession planning which in itself requires access to staff who have the ability to grow into more senior roles and become the business leaders of the future.

Please note: this is a one year course only.

How will it benefit me?

The course has been developed in recognition of the meat industry’s need to develop existing, experienced staff – not necessarily graduate staff – and also to provide a means by which new, graduate staff can gain an understanding of the topics required to operate a meat business successfully.  The course has been designed expressly to meet the needs of businesses in the red meat sector of the UK’s meat industry, i.e. principally businesses involved in the production of beef, mutton and lamb, and pork, and associated products.  The course is a meat business management course and not a meat science course.  This means that much of the subject matter covered by the course will have relevance to other meat sectors, e.g. the white meat or poultry meat sector, and indeed other food processing and manufacturing businesses.  Much of the knowledge required to run a food business is transferable and applicable to any kind of food business.  This means that topics such as operations management, food quality management, food safety management, and supply chain management apply equally to red meat businesses as they do to other types of food processing and manufacturing business.  The successful practise of management (and successful career development) in any food business depends significantly on acquisition of the required knowledge, from whatever source, and its appropriate application in the development and growth of the business with, importantly, increased profitability.

Entry requirements for 2017

Graduate level or experienced within the meat industry.

Teaching and learning

Modules will be delivered as one week residential courses at Harper Adams University.

Course structure

Compulsory module
Optional module
Blank Not available
Module Title (click for more info) Credit Value PgC (60 credits from)
Food Business Operations Management 15 compulsory
Agrifood Supply Chain Strategy, Operations and Management 15 compulsory
Leadership and People Management 15 compulsory
Animal Production, Meat Processing and Quality 15 compulsory
Meat science and public health 15  
Research and information skills 15  
Agri-food marketing 15  
Animal welfare and bioethics 15  
Food policy and ethics 15  
Food product development 15  
Food security and sustainability 15  
Principles of finance 15  
Food Industry work-based project: Food processing, food manufacture or food product development 15  
Food industry work-based project: People, leadership and human resource management in food businesses 15  
Dissertation (Work-based project) 60  

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