Food Science and Agri-Food Supply Chain Management Department

The teaching, scholarly and research activities of the Food Science and Agri-Food Supply Chain Management Department encompass a wide range of disciplines. The expertise of the department's staff covers food marketing, food business management, supply chain management, food policy, food ethics, food security, food microbiology and, of course, food science and technology, to name just some specialisations. The department works extensively with the food industry providing a range of training, technical support, knowledge transfer and consultancy services.

Teaching and student satisfaction are central to the role of the Department of Food Science and Agri-Food Supply Chain Management. The department's key function is to provide students with an enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and academically fulfilling university experience, and one that can lead to successful and rewarding careers. The scholarly and research activities of department staff are important to complementing and underpinning the learning and teaching experience of students, but the priority remains with high quality teaching.


The mission of the department is four-fold:

  1. to educate undergraduate and postgraduate students for careers across the food chain and to be managers and leaders of food businesses;
  2. to undertake research in relation to the food supply system including food processing and manufacture, food security and supply, food quality and safety; food marketing and retailing, and food business operation;
  3. to work with food businesses in the training, education and development of employees, and through the provision of technical support and knowledge transfer;
  4. to reach out to schools, the community and society to increase understanding of food, the origins and nature of food products, the commercial organisation of the food supply system, and the part that food plays in the maintenance of health and well-being.


The strategy and development plans for the Food Science and Agri-Food Supply Chain Management Department are focused on:

  • Developing and establishing the department as a leading university department functioning to serve the needs of the food industry, society and consumers.
  • Continually developing and evolving the courses offered by the department such that they consistently meet the career objectives of students and the food industry's needs for graduates.
  • Developing and establishing the scholarly and research activities of the department and increasing its research outputs, such that
    1. the learning and teaching experience of students is enhanced and underpinned by high quality knowledge and
    2. the department makes a significant contribution to the body of knowledge of value to academia, the food industry and the maintenance of a sustainable food system.
  • Developing further and expanding the department's engagement with the food industry nationally and internationally, particularly with respect to the provision of high quality graduates, technical and consultancy services, workforce development and research.
  • Engaging further with the community in matters of food business, food supply, food science and technology and the relationship between food and health and well-being, for the benefit of increasing the understanding of food, its origins and conversion into food products, and the part that food plays in the development of culture and a healthy society.