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The contribution made by engineering to mankind is literally all around us from managing the supply of water that we drink, the food that we eat, the homes that we live in and the clothes we wear and so on. In short without advances in engineering we would be unable to sustain or improve our lifestyles and our very survival would be at risk.

Engineers have an input in all stages of any given process. For example they may develop the means to extract or harness resources from the land or deep within the earth whilst at the same time being charged with minimizing damage to the environment. Their expertise provides the infrastructures necessary to maintain life and to meet the demands of modern society such as continued population growth whilst also safeguarding the future of the planet. In addition to all of this they have to be realistic by taking account of production or construction costs, not forgetting health and safety issues.

It is clear then that choosing a career in the engineering industry brings with it a heap of responsibility! Here at Harper Adams we will help you in all of these aspects in your goal to be a qualified engineer. You will not only get to grips with the nuts and bolts but you will leave with the skills and awareness required to meet to the demands of the world in which we live.

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