Students using the computer facilities in the Bamford Library

IT Facilities

The provision of state-of-the-art information and communication technology lies at the heart of any Higher Education institution. Our computer facilities and support services are continuously being improved and upgraded to give you the best opportunities for learning, completing assignments and communicating with staff and other students. The Bamford Library provides quality computer access around the clock. There are lots of computers available in the library and many more powerful workstations in the Engineering Design Centre. In the Foulkes Crowther building, three rooms each with 20-30 computers provide computer teaching facilities. Based on current Microsoft Office and Windows technologies, a wide range of the latest software is available for word-processing, spreadsheet analysis and presentations, database work, e-learning and statistical analysis.

There are specialised packages available for agricultural, engineering, science, business and educational studies, and also statistical and commercial software.

The University has its own portal and Intranet with helpful information for students about courses, the SU, special events and activities. Access to our IT network is possible by wireless connection from the library and other areas of the campus, which allows students to use the Internet and learning software from their own laptop if they have a wireless card. The IT network also extends into the halls of residence and houses with all student bedrooms connected to the Intranet via a wired network.

Service desk and training

The Service Desk, located in the Bamford Library, gives advice and IT assistance throughout the day and until late evening. For those students who are not familiar with computers, a friendly support team will help you get started. All new students are offered training in the use of our computer systems starting with the basic use of the system and the automated desktop. Additionally, students are able to gain recognised Microsoft certification.


Our computer facilities enable access to a wide range of learning opportunities within the virtual learning environment (VLE), providing course materials, text and video materials, interactive exercises and other aids to make learning more flexible. The VLE also allows ready access to the library catalogue and online journals and supports the detection of plagiarism.

Harper Adams University provides excellent access to computer facilities and IT Support on-site including:

I.T. Systems