AgriFood Advanced Training Partnership

About Advanced Training Partnerships

  • Advanced Training Partnerships are formal collaborations between users and providers of high-level skills in the agri-food sector, bringing together companies with research and training organisations.
  • BBSRC have funded four partnerships with each one operating under the leadership of an academic institution. Each partnership will focus on a particular research area, and the four are complementary, covering the full range of food production from soil to plate.
  • The AgriFood ATP is led by the University of Nottingham in partnership with Cranfield University, Harper Adams University and Rothamsted Research.
  • The complementary research and skills within the partnership allows us to offer training spanning the entire agri-food supply chain from one day workshops through to postgraduate awards (e.g. MSc, PhD).
  • The training courses will be developed in consultation with industry who are represented both at Management Board and within our Training Subgroups.

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How can the AgriFood ATP help my employees and business?

  • Provide higher level training (Masters Level)
  • Collaborative courses between highly respected institutions and industry

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What courses are offered at Harper Adams?


Food and Nutrition


Transferable Skills

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In Development

  • Grassland Management

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