Privacy and cookies

Harper Adams is dedicated to protecting your privacy online. Any data collected is securely stored, and only used for the purpose it was collected.

The information shown below serves as a summary, for full details read our Privacy Policy.

What information does Harper Adams collect about me?

  • Feedback - through visitors emailing Harper Adams or filling in 'contact us' boxes
  • Form submitted data. For example prospectus requests or open day registrations
  • Site usage information, using cookies to improve the website development

How is this information used?

  • To contact you (if you have requested a response)
  • Form submitted data is only used for the purpose it was collected, for example posting you a copy of the prospectus
  • Improve the design and navigation of the website

What about other websites?

We may link to external websites to provide you with more information, in this case we are not responsible for the content of the third-party website.

About cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer (via your web browser) used by nearly all websites. At Harper Adams we use cookies to save preferences and remember them when you return to our website.

Cookies are also used sometimes to remember logins, for example when you click the 'remember me' box when accessing your emails, that system is storing a cookie to keep you logged in on the device you are using.

Our cookies never store personal data about you - items such as card details and address information is stored securely and only used for the purpose it was collected.

Although non of our pages contain advertising - the Network Advertising Initiative gives you the option to opt out of many mainstream ad network cookies, this may be useful for your wider internet browsing. You can find the opt out options on their website.

We are providing this information as part of our drive to improve clarity about your privacy on the internet as part of a wider effort to comply with recent legislation.

Our cookies

In order to personalise the experience on the Harper Adams website we may have to use cookies. For example when saving your preference in my.Harper a small text file is stored on your computer. This doesn't contain any personal data, it just tells the website which tab to load the next time you visit.

Here is a list of the main cookies we use on the Harper Adams website, and what they are used for.

Cookie name

Cookie use

myHarper Used to save preferences on the my.Harper page, only contains reference to one of the tabs (e.g. Student, Staff etc).
_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz These cookies enable Google Analytics to function. This software, provided by Google, allows us to analyse visitor numbers, browser usage and identify navigation problems. This information allows us to improve the website by identifying difficult to find areas and making the content relevant to the reader and the device they are using.
_atuvc Used by the AddThis service, this cookie is part of the social media 'share' buttons on our website. You can opt-out of this cookie on all websites.
CFID, CFTOKEN Occasionally used when filling in forms on the Harper Adams website, these store a string which we use to allow users to 'go back' in the form process and update previous information. The cookie is deleted once the form has been filled in.

Local Storage - Flash Cookies

In some areas of the Harper Adams website, such as the news pages, we use Adobe Flash Player for videos. In some cases Adobe Flash Player may store cookies on your computer to improve your experience.

To view or edit the settings for Adobe Flash Player, visit the Security Settings page. Changing the settings may cause some videos not to function as expected.

Managing cookies

Should you choose to block cookies, either for a specific website or all websites, your web browser has many easy ways to do this. To find out more visit the All About Cookies or About Cookies websites where you can find detailed instructions, along with more information about how cookies are used on the web.

Please note that disabling cookies will adversely affect your browsing experience - shopping websites will have no way of knowing what you have put in your basket, and you may not be able to login to some websites.

Cookies in your browser

If you aren't sure which web browser you are using, click on the 'Help' icon on a PC (or press 'F1' on your keyboard), or click on the Apple icon on a Mac and select 'About'.

Browser security

In order to make sure your security is assured on the web, we recommend always updating to the latest version of your browser. Some browers such as Chrome or Firefox handle the updating process for you and will automatically download the latest security updates.

Some popular web browsers are: