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Joining Instructions

Enrolment and Registration

Freshers Registration

Registration for new students will take place on Wednesday 26 September 2018 in the Sports Hall. Students who were previously in 'year 0' are also required to register on this day so they can join induction activities with their new cohort.

Students can arrive anytime between 9.30am to 4pm (please note that lunchtime is a very busy period). You may wish to park near your allocated accommodation when you arrive (see the campus map) as this will make unpacking easier.

We advise that non-resident students arrive between 3pm and 4pm to enable them to join directly with the social activities without needing to return later. Non-resident students are free to park anywhere on this day

On the day if you expect your arrival to be delayed past 4pm please contact 01952 815112

What will happen during Registration Day and Induction Week?

On Registration Day please report to the registration desk in the Sports Hall to register your arrival and collect your guide to registration and induction. During the course of the day you will:

  • complete the registration process.
  • bring your passport to confirm your identity and right to study. If you do not have a passport, please contact the Admissions Office for advice on alternative forms of identification accepted.
  • collect your student card.
  • speak to the Finance Team regarding payments.
  • meet your warden and collect your room key (or meet the Harper@Home ambassador for non-resident students).
  • settle into your residential accommodation.
  • collect your Student Handbook.
  • be able to familiarise yourself with the campus.
  • there will also be the opportunity to register with the local doctors surgery, speak to a member of the learner support team and join the Students' Union.

From Wednesday evening there will also be a programme of events organised by the wardens of each Hall of Residence where you will have the opportunity to meet with fellow freshers. More details of activities will be provided by your warden (or the Harper@Home ambassador for non-resident students) on registration day.

Non-resident students should contact the Harper@Home ambassador on registration day. The ambassador will be looking out for non-resident students, to help them make the most of the registration and induction programme.

On Thursday you will commence a two day academic induction programme that will include a briefing with your Senior Tutor, an introduction to the library, IT facilities and the computer network, as well as some fun activities to help you get to know each other - staff and students! You will also choose any optional modules for the year, which will allow for your individual timetable for the academic year to be created.

Don't forget your pen! There will be forms to complete and plenty of signatures required.

The Students' Union will ensure that the evening activities are taken care of, allowing students to get to know each other and have fun!

Lectures for all students will start on MONDAY 1 October 2018



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