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    Key Finance and Payment Information

    The Finance Office at Harper Adams University processes all payments relating to accommodation and tuition fees and is the first point of contact for students with any finance-based questions.

    The information below gives a brief outline of the ways to pay and associated charges.

    Tuition fees

    Ways to pay

    If you have applied for a Tuition Fee Loan from Student Finance, your fees will be paid directly to the University on your behalf. Please send a copy of your letter of entitlement from Student Finance to the Finance Office as soon as you have received it. Please email to with your student ID number. 

    If you are not taking out a loan, University fees need to be paid either on or before registration day. You can pay online using a debit/credit card. Alternatively, University fees can be paid in three instalments (on 16 October 2023, 22 January 2024 and 6 May 2024, by setting up a recurring card payment  (this must be completed by the 15 September 2023).

    Fee Liability

    If, for whatever reason, the student decides to leave their course of study at a mid-point during the academic year, a proportion of the University fee will still be chargeable. The following University fee liability points apply:

    • Up to and including 6 October 2023 – no liability 
    • 7 October 2023 to 15 January 2024 – 25% liability 
    • 16 January 2023 to 30 April 2024 – 50% liability 
    • 1 May 2023 to 28 June 2024 (end of academic year) – 100% liability 

    If you have a Tuition Fee Loan we will adjust the loan amount to reflect the amount of fee chargeable at the withdrawal date. If fees are paid by another means the finance office will calculate what is owed (either by the student or is required to be returned by the University) and inform the student. The student must ensure that they have taken the necessary steps to ensure that their leaving date is correctly recorded (the withdrawal procedure is detailed in the Key Information pages and is available from Student Records )

    Accommodation charges

    Ways to pay

    Your room deposit (£300) must be paid before registration day. You can also choose to pay your entire accommodation charge either on or before registration day to receive a discount alternatevely you may choose to pay in three termly instalments via recurring card payment (RCP) ( on 16 October 2023, 22 January 2024 and 6 May 2024) either option can be selected during the accommodation offer acceptance process.

    Accommodation Liability

    Whilst you will be invoiced for the whole licence agreement period charge at the commencement of your stay, you will have the option of paying in three instalments, which align with the start of each term, as detailed in your accommodation agreement. Should you leave the University prematurely, you will still be liable for accommodation charges as stated below, unless otherwise stated in your accommodation agreement:

    • 24 September 2023 to 27 November 2023 - first term charge
    • 28 November 2023 to 15 January 2024 - first term and Christmas period charge
    • 16 January 2024 to 29 June 2024 (end of academic year) - full charge whole tenancy


    Recurring card payments (RCP)

    If you have opted to pay for your accommodation (3 instalments) or tuition fees (3 instalments) by RCP, you can expect the following termly collection dates for payments:

    • Collection 1 – 16 October 2023 
    • Collection 2 – 22 January 2024
    • Collection 3 – 6 May 2024

    The card holder will receive an email detailing payment due for the entire academic year, please retain this email in the event of any queries.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How soon can I pay?

    You will receive an invoice for tuition fees no later than October 2023 and payments can be made for tuition fees by credit/debit card or online at

    What is the quickest way to make payments on Registration day if I have not already paid in advance?

    Finance staff will be available on Registration day to help set up a recurring card payment or assist you to make a payment online.

    When can I apply for a student loan?

    You should apply for student finance as early as possible. You can contact Student Finance about your student loan on the following:

    • Student Finance England - 0300 100 0607
    • Student Finance Wales - 0300 200 4050
    • Student Finance Northern Ireland - 0300 100 0077
    • Student Awards Agency for Scotland - 0300 555 0505
    I have applied for a student loan but haven’t heard anything?

    You can contact Student Records (located in the Faccenda Centre) via email: or by telephone on 01952 815320. Please speak to a member of the finance team during Welcome Week if your finance has not been finalised.

    Will my maintenance loan be in my account on registration day?

    No. It can take up to 5 working days for the money to arrive in your account, so it is advisable to ensure you have sufficient funds for the first 2 weeks of term available to you when you arrive.

    Can I apply for any scholarships before the course starts?

    You will be informed of further scholarship opportunities by the Development Trust Office when the course commences.

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions relating to payments, please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Office:

    Telephone 01952 815214
    Address Student Invoicing, Finance Office
      Harper Adams University
      TF10 8NB

    Course-related costs and kit lists

    In this section you will find all of the information necessary relating to the course you are about to undertake. Please select the relevant course area to show information on what you are required to purchase.

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