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Undergraduate finance

Placement year funding

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Can I get any student loans whilst on placement?

The majority of UK 'home' students on placement (paid or unpaid) during an academic year are eligible for:

  • Reduced rate of Maintenance Loan
  • Reduced rate of Tuition Fee Loan - Students can apply for a fee loan up to the full amount of fees payable.

Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales will offer full maintenance support (means tested) to students if their work placement is defined as:

  • unpaid service in a hospital or in a public health service laboratory or with a clinical commissioning group in the UK;
  • unpaid service with a local authority in the UK in work that relates to the care of children and young persons, health or welfare, or with a voluntary organisation providing facilities or carrying out similar activity in the UK;
  • unpaid service with a local authority in work that relates to public health functions in the UK;
  • unpaid service in the prison or probation and aftercare service in the UK;
  • unpaid research in a UK institution or, in the case of a student attending an overseas institution, as a part of their UK course;
  • unpaid service with a Special Health Authority, the NHS Commissioning Board, the National Institute for Care and Excellence, the Health and Social Care Information Centre, a Local Health Board; a Health Board or a Special Health Board in Scotland, or a Health and Social Services Board in Northern Ireland; or
  • unpaid service in the UK Parliament.

Any income you earn as part of your placement year will not impact on your entitlement to a loan during the placement year or thereafter.

My placement is paid; will I still need my loan?

You are eligible to take the loan; however, it is completely up to you. Some students may choose to take the loan and save it as an emergency fund or towards their final year.

When will my loans be paid?

You may receive your maintenance payments early in your placement year. This is because Student Finance appreciate that you may start your placement before the start of the next academic year and may have costs such as accommodation. The first payment may be made as early as August. Please indicate that you would like your maintenance loan to be auto-released when you make your application.

Please ensure that you have provided your up to date bank details and your National Insurance number.

Will I be eligible for Disabled Students Allowance?

During placement years you are not eligible for DSA. This means it is very important that you ensure you have all the necessary equipment you require prior to starting a placement year. You may be eligible for the Access to Work grant. This can help pay for practical support if you have a disability, health or mental health condition. For further information, please visit

I have dependents, are there any grants available?

If you have children or an adult dependent and normally receive grants for them, e.g. the Parents' Learning Allowance, Childcare Grant and Adult Dependents' Grant, you will not be entitled to receive these during your placement year.

Will I qualify for Universal Credit?

If you are on a paid placement you may qualify for Universal Credit. Universal Credit is a monthly payment to help with your living costs. You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income. For further information, please visit;

Will I have to pay Council Tax?

Full time students on a placement year integral to their programme of study can claim Council Tax exemption.

You can print a confirmation letter for council tax exemption purposes as follows:

  • Access my.harper
  • Choose e:vision from the links
  • Log in
  • Click on the Confirmation Certificate link in the Student Letters area
  • Follow the on screen instructions

Please ensure you keep your personal and contact details up to date by using the Self Service - Check and Update your Personal Details area on e:vision.

If you have any queries regarding your property, contact your Landlord or the local Council Tax department.

If you have any queries regarding your confirmation letter or personal details, please contact the Student Records and SLC Advice Office.

Will I have to pay income tax?

If you have a job when you’re a student, including if you paid while on placement, you may need to pay Income Tax and National Insurance. Your employer will usually deduct Income Tax and National Insurance from your wages through Pay As You Earn (PAYE) if you earn more than the designated threshold.

For further information please visit

Do I still need to complete enrolment for my placement year?

Yes. Students allowed to progress in to the next full academic year of their course (whether that be a placement year or not) can expect to receive details about how to enrol and register. Students on placement are required to enrol (online), but do not have to register face-to-face. Information is usually sent out from late August onwards.

How do I apply to renew my funding?

You can re-apply for your funding online by logging onto your student finance account.

Any other tips?
  • Do your research, ask about the cost of living and top tips from a student who was on placement there last year (where applicable)
  • Work out a realistic budget. Your budget will depend on what you want to experience whilst on placement.
  • If your placement is paid, try and save some money for your final year where possible.
  • Think twice about using your credit card, will you be able to make the repayments in your final year?
I am in a financial crisis - What should I do?

If you are hit by an unexpected financial crisis whilst you are on your placement contact us, you may be eligible to receive help via the Access to Learning Fund. Please contact Student Services for more information.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact our Student Records and SLC Advice Office for further information:

Telephone: +44 (0)1952 81 5264

Student Finance England

Student Finance Wales

Student Finance Scotland

Student Finance Northern Ireland

Student Finance Ireland

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Student Records and SLC Advice Office
Telephone: +44 (0)1952 81 5264

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