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Short Courses/CPD

Sensory Evaluation

The aim of the course is to introduce the basic principles involved in using sensory evaluation effectively in the workplace .The course will provide individuals with key knowledge of which can be applied directly in maintaining and improving the quality attributes of existing products, and also in developing new products.

Specific attention is given to the theory and practice of human sensory perception, the use of taste panels and focus groups, and a review of sensory methods available to use.  

Who should attend?

All involved in implementing and maintaining product quality systems.

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel 
  • New Product Development personnel
  • Industry professionals who conduct consumer preference/acceptance tests
  • Lab technicians and managers
  • Marketing managers and research support staff 

A. Introduction to Sensory Evaluation

  • The role of sensory evaluation in the food industry
  • The five human senses
  • Test individual sensitivities to odour and taste

B. Sensory Test Methods

  • Steps to conducting a sensory study
  • Discrimination Tests
  • Descriptive Analysis Tests
  • Consumer Tests

C. Sensory Testing: Taste Panels

  • Control of test room, samples and panellists
  • Recruitment screening and training of panel members for descriptive analysis
  • Statistical analysis of results from taste panels

D. Sensory Testing: Focus Groups

  • Questionnaire Design
  • Focus Group facilitation
  • Analysis of results from focus groups

E. Application of Sensory Evaluation

  • New product development
  • Quality Control
  • Product specifications

This course is typically held at the Regional Food Academy, however we can deliver it in a location of your choice.


£550 per person (minimum of 6 people)

Full residential rate: £75.00 per night


For further information, course dates, and to book, please contact:

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