Drones for Farming Conference 2017

Thursday 9 November 2017

Venue: Regional Food Academy

Breakfast: 08:30
Registration: 09:30
End Time: 16:30

Following the huge success of the Drones for Farming Conference in 2016, this year's event is set to be bigger, including presentations of new applications for drones in agriculture.

Please note: This year's Early Bird Conference Registration fee will be £40 per person

New for 2017, the conference features farm property and roof surveying, on-farm case studies, software solutions, drone hardware, sensor technology, end-to-end data capture and handling, safety and regulations.

Learn about exciting research on dynamic land management, combining drones and aerial agronomy with ground-based rovers. 

Take the opportunity to talk drone technology with professionals from the Harper Adams University UAS Special Interest Group. Bring your challenges to us and we’ll offer solutions.

See how the latest drone technology can benefit your business.

The use of drones, equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, continues to grow. They are used to monitor and map areas producing data to measure crops, help improve yield and plan interventions.

Drones have capabilities beyond imaging and data capture, which can provide other solutions to modern day precision issues. Progress is moving swiftly at the National Centre for Precision Farming at Harper Adams University, where we are investigating second generation drones, which have a wider range of commercial agricultural applications. Their ability to target small areas means that they will be able to reseed where crops have failed to emerge and to make targeted applications of chemicals and fertilisers to small zones within fields.

Guest speakers

  • Matteo Triacca - SenseFly
  • Dr Ivan Grove - Harper Adams University
  • Kieran Walsh - Hutchinsons
  • Natalie Wood - Yara
  • Jim Wilson - Soil Essentials
  • Matt Williams - Aerial Motion Pictures
  • Jack and Hugh Wrangham - Drone Aerials Ops
  • Duncan Armstrong - Kestrel Cam

Come and join us to see how drones can benefit your business. Full programme coming soon.



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