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12th European IFSA Symposium


4.1 Boosting research outputs: novel approaches for integrating research translation with interactive co-innovation


Although innovation is understood to encompass much more than R&D, science continues to be an essential ingredient. The need to translate research outputs into practice whilst enabling stakeholder involvement is widely recognised. This workshop will invite papers that discuss new integrative approaches to facilitating research translation and will include a demonstration of the “” search and stakeholder engagement tool.


Although innovation is understood to encompass much more than R&D, science continues to be an essential ingredient. Many EU and nationally funded research projects in the fields of agriculture and forestry have provided excellent scientific results. However, outreach and translation of these results into farming and forestry practices is limited. The challenge is to boost innovation by facilitating the uptake of formal and empirical knowledge, and its integration into field practices. With respect to research this requires a combination of science-driven research and interactive innovation-driven research (EU SCAR, 2012).

New approaches are needed that integrate the translation of formal research into practice with interactive co-innovation within networks of actors. The European Commission-funded FP-7 project VALERIE (VALorising European Research for Innovation in agriculturE and forestry – is applying such an approach to improve the exchange of information between agricultural researchers and practitioners to encourage the transformation of new concepts and results into practical use (in the context of management of soil, water, pests, waste; ecosystem services and supply chains).

This workshop invites papers to present novel integrative approaches (research methodologies and development and application of tools) applied in the context of sustainable agriculture that (i) facilitate access to, and application of, research information (ii) enable a dialogue between stakeholders and researchers and promote mutual learning and co-innovation; or (iii) translate scientific research outputs into practical knowledge or innovation.

The workshop will comprise 4-5 fifteen minute sessions for the presentation and discussion of papers and a 30 minute session to demonstrate and discuss the developing “” stakeholder interaction and search tool and to summarise workshop findings on improving information exchange for innovation.

Workshop Processes

Oral presentations (4-5) and posters are proposed.

Interactive short paper session: 4-5 presentations (each c. 8 minutes) with the opportunity for questioning and discussion after each presentation.

Demonstration session: This will be followed by demonstration and discussion around the developing “” stakeholder interaction and search tool.


4.1 Inserting co-innovation into research translation: experiences from the VALERIE project

4.1 Agronōmics – an arena for synergy between the science and practice of crop production

4.1 Co-innovating in agroecology: integrating stakeholders’ perceptions of using natural enemies and landscape complexity for biological control into the research and innovation process

4.1 Lessons learned from the implementation of three different research postures within a participatory research framework

Lead Workshop covenor

Paul Newell Price, ADAS UK Ltd., ADAS Gleadthorpe, Meden Vale, Mansfield, Notts, UK

Other Covenors

Frits Van Evert, Wageningen UR, 6700 AP Wageningen, the Netherlands
Nicole Koendeink, Wageningen UR, 6700 AP Wageningen, the Netherlands
Jan Top, Wageningen UR, 6700 AP Wageningen, the Netherlands
Julie Ingram, Countryside and Community Research Institute, University of Gloucestershire, UK

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