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    The Development Trust Scholarship Presentation 2021

    Scholarships A to F

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    AEA logo

    Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) Scholarship

    Scholarship open to final year MEng and BEng Agricultural Engineering students offered by the Agricultural Engineers Association.

    “On behalf of the AEA and its members, we are delighted to have awarded Sean Whiteway the first ever AEA Scholarship. We are thrilled to have found such a talented individual and potential champion for the sector and look forward to working closely with Sean to show the next generation how exciting and rewarding a career in Agricultural Engineering can be. Sean demonstrates the huge wealth of talent that we have in our industry and is a great example of the kind of person we are looking to attract.”

    “I would like to thank the AEA for the awarded scholarship, and I am very much looking forward to the future with the AEA. I am excited to be involved with the promotion and development of the social media presence of the industry and the further opportunities that will arise with the scholarship. The achievement has not only improved my confidence, but it goes to show that you don’t have to be from an agricultural background or a farm to succeed in the industry. I hope in the future that more people from outside the industry will give the career pathway a go and enjoy an amazing future job sector.”

    Sean Marcus Whiteway
    BEng/BEng Hons Agricultural Engineering


    Agrii Scholarship

    Scholarship with one year paid placement offered by Agrii, a provider of agronomy services, technology and strategic advice.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Agrii for awarding me this scholarship. Agrii have not only supported me financially by way of a scholarship, but also by providing me with a fantastic placement year based at Throws Farm in Essex. Here I had the opportunity to get involved in all areas of crop trials, but also to gain experience in seed and agronomy and to develop my network within the industry. I am very grateful to Agrii for their continued support.”

    Poppy Bunting
    BSc/BSc Hons Agriculture with Crop Management (2018/19)

    Alamo Group UK Agricultural Division Scholarship

    We are delighted to continue our long running association with Harper Adams by continuing to provide support to young talented engineers by way of the Alamo Group UK Agricultural Division Scholarship.

    Alamo Group UK comprises of four internationally renowned companies, McConnel, Twose, Bomford Turner and Spearhead Machinery who design, manufacture and distribute a marketing leading range of innovative green maintenance machinery to state-of-the-art robotic and self-propelled powered units.

    Scholarships representing three Alamo Group UK companies are offered to engineering students at Harper Adams University.


    Bomford Turner Scholarship

    “I would like to thank the Alamo Group and Bomford Turner for the generous support they have provided to me this year. The financial support has enabled me to purchase a new laptop computer, capable of running Computer Aided Design software, and 2 external monitors to make a professional workspace at home to allow me to complete my studies in an effective and efficient manner throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel privileged to have my academic achievements and interest in engineering recognised by this award from a globally respected company with an impeccable history of agricultural engineering.”

    William Flittner
    MEng Agricultural Engineering - Bomford Turner

    McConnel Scholarship

    “Firstly, I am extremely honoured to be this year’s recipient of the Alamo Group McConnel scholarship, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your generous financial support towards my project in helping sustainable farming be more efficient. Receiving the Scholarship, I will be able to further my research and development on my interrow weeding project by designing and testing a prototype. Your generosity is allowing me to make my goals and dreams of becoming a successful engineer come a reality.
    This opportunity has also allowed me to develop personal skills and to put into practice everything that I have learnt so far during my time at Harper Adams University. I have massively built on my confidence skills, approaching companies to ask for their opinions on certain aspects of the Project, or even getting to the stage I have done, has been a massive achievement for myself which I am very proud of but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of Harper Adams and The Alamo Group. I definitely feel more prepared and experienced leaving University with the extra experiences I have had working with different professionals on this project.”

    Charlie Harvey
    BEng/BEng Hons Agricultural Engineering - McConnel

    Spearhead Scholarship

    “Receiving the Alamo Group Scholarship has helped me with my expenses while studying and has also been a great benefit to me by allowing me to develop my practical skills and broaden my theoretical knowledge outside of University.  For example, in my spare time I restore cars and the funding has allowed me continue this and has helped me to gain a wide range of practical experience which I feel has really helped me throughout my time at university and on placement.   Receiving this award will also be an excellent addition to my CV and give prospective employers confidence in my abilities. I would like to thank my sponsor for the opportunity to apply and the experience it has given me.”

    George Pollard
    MEng Mechanical Engineering – Spearhead



    Barham Benevolent Foundation Scholarship

    Charitable Foundation making grants to colleges and universities for research in dairy related subjects.

    Recipient: Emma Redfern, PhD studentship - “Improving the nutrition and management of dairy cows: investigating social factors that influence health in the transition period”

    Douglas Bomford Trust Scholarship

    The Douglas Bomford Trust offers scholarships to support students of agricultural engineering to achieve appropriate qualifications and to go on to successful careers in the industry.

    “One of the principal aims of the Douglas Bomford Trust is to help develop individuals and encourage students into a career in agricultural engineering, so we are pleased to support another excellent crop of Scholars at Harper Adams University. Our Interview Panel enjoyed hearing the applicants' enthusiasm for agricultural engineering and describing their proposed projects. Our Trustees wish them all well in their studies and look forward to hearing about their progress - at Harper Adams and beyond. Hopefully we will get to meet them face to face someday to congratulate the deserving recipients in person.”

    “I would like to thank the Douglas Bomford Trust for the generous support they have provided for me in the 4th year of my 5-year MEng Agricultural Engineering degree. Their support has enabled me to purchase a new laptop computer, capable of running Computer Aided Design software, and a tablet computer to enable me to work effectively from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an honour to have my hard work and enthusiasm for agricultural engineering and the rural economy/environment recognised through such a prestigious award.”

    William Flittner
    MEng Agricultural Engineering

    “I would like to thank the Douglas Bomford Trust for their award and willingness to support young engineers like myself in their education. The award itself is greatly appreciated by myself, providing a big confidence boost. I feel a great sense of reward for the effort I have made during my time so far at Harper Adams University. Gaining the award has opened my eyes to what is possible to achieve and to work harder than ever to strive for success. The financial side of the award is put to great use, with funding being spent on technology aids such as laptop upgrades to ensure I can work to my full potential during the current pandemic and beyond. ”

    Rhodri Williams
    BEng/BEng Hons Agricultural Engineering

    “I would like to thank the Douglas Bomford Trust for the financial support. It continues to be a privilege to be backed by a Trust committed to the development of agricultural engineering and innovation. The Creality 3D printer I purchased has proved invaluable over the previous months, enabling me to print components at home for my baler twine test rig, allowing me to complete my 'Engineering Topics' project.”

    Robert Bryning
    MEng Agricultural Engineering

    “I would like to thank the Douglas Bomford Trust for their scholarship to support me throughout my Master’s Research Project. The money has been put to good use in the prototyping elements and I am privileged to have the Trust’s support in such an important year of my studies. It has increased my confidence for a successful outcome in my project towards dairy farming innovation tackling a real problem, and has motivated me to work to my full potential. Thank you.”

    Thomas Bowers
    MEng Agricultural Engineering

    “Thank you to The Douglas Bomford Trust for their continued support with my studies and career development. The DBT scholarship allows me to expand my knowledge in agricultural engineering, to pursue exciting ideas for my upcoming Masters Engineering Project along with a confidence boost to take my first step in my career possibly into agricultural engineering consultancy. The DBT’s personal approach and readiness to encourage is very appreciated and I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the Trustees.”

    Alex Williams
    MEng Agricultural Engineering

    Discretionary Award

    Mark Sherry, BSc/BSc Hons Product Support Engineering

    In addition to undergraduate scholarships, the Development Trust and Harper Adams University wish to recognise the significant support provided by the Douglas Bomford Trust to postgraduate agricultural engineering students at the University.


    BQP logo

    British Quality Pork (BQP) Scholarship

    Scholarship with one year paid work placement awarded to students with ambition to follow a career within production, animal science or the meat industry.

    “We are delighted to be awarding Beth Blackman and Archie Johnson our BQP Scholarship this year and look forward to them both joining the company for their placement year. The scholarship provides a great opportunity for us to share our knowledge and expertise of the pig industry with the next generation as well as bringing young talent to our business. Congratulations to you both and we look forward to welcoming you soon. We are also pleased to support Kate Dewally in her fourth year and wish her every success with the remainder of her studies at Harper Adams University.”


    “I am very proud to have been selected for the BQP Scholarship Placement. I am very much looking forward to working with BQP starting in July and the experience this will afford me. Being awarded this scholarship placement has given me a real confidence boost ahead of the placement starting.”

    Beth Blackman
    BSc/BSc Hons Agriculture with Animal Science

    “I am extremely grateful and honoured to have been awarded this scholarship, as it helps bring me one step closer to sculpting my future career. I have a passion for pigs, especially outdoor breeding, and cannot wait to jump into the year placement and take as much out of it as possible, allowing me to expand my knowledge and understanding of the pork industry.”

    Archie Johnson
    BSc/BSc Hons Agriculture with Animal Science

    “I would like to thank BQP for the award of the scholarship with placement. The placement opportunity with BQP gave me a fantastic insight into the full pork supply chain and allowed me the opportunity to develop both office-based and practical skills. The scholarship funds awarded in 2nd and 4th year have been beneficial by allowing me to reduce my part-time working hours, thus allowing me to allow more time for my studies.”

    Kate Dewally
    MSci Bioveterinary Science (2018/19)



    BDCI logo

    Butchers’ and Drovers’ Charitable Institution Undergraduate Bursary

    The BDCI is committed to supporting the next generation of Meat Industry professionals in their studies.


    “I am extremely grateful to and wish to thank the Butchers' and Drovers' Charitable Institution for awarding me this bursary. It will make an invaluable contribution to me completing my placement year and, when I’m back in final year finishing my studies, through purchasing a new laptop and being more financially secure. It has given me confidence in applying for things going forward and I would recommend to anyone to apply.”

    Carys Martin
    BSc/BSc Hons Agri-Food Marketing with Business

    “I would like to send my most sincere gratitude of thanks to the Butchers' and Drovers' Charitable Institution for awarding me this Bursary. Receiving this support will be instrumental in helping me to improve my future career employability as well as supporting me to continue my education of world beef production and to share the knowledge I will learn with the farming community. .”

    Michael Savage
    BSc/BSc Hons Agriculture with Animal Science

    “I am forever grateful to the Butchers' and Drovers' Charitable Institution for awarding me this bursary. The funds have given me the opportunity to build up my passion within the industry and give me first-hand experience in rearing my own cattle. Currently the livestock industry is very hard to enter for the younger generation therefore this bursary has helped me build up my confidence and develop connections within the sector. These funds will also help enable me to develop my knowledge which I would not have been able to do before, as I aspire to explore different grading systems which I hope to bring back to the industry. I would like to say a massive thank you to the BDCI for giving me this amazing opportunity.”

    Ellie Dugdale
    BSc/BSc Hons Agri-Business

    “I would like to express my sincere thanks to The Butchers’ and Drovers’ Charitable Institution for the receipt of this bursary. The funding has not only helped me to continue my full participation in Harper Adams University but has opened up multiple opportunities such as training and networking. Additionally, following selection as a Future Agricultural Leaders Fellow, I have a structured opportunity to see U.S. agricultural production first-hand and meet with representatives of the U.S. Department of Agriculture once Covid-19 allows. Supported by my BDCI funding, I look forward to learning more about contrasting livestock production systems.”

    Megan Watkins
    BSc/BSc Hons Agri-Business

    In addition to undergraduate bursaries the Development Trust and Harper Adams University wish to recognise the significant assistance generously provided by the BDCI for PgCs in Meat Business Management.


    British Poultry Council Scholarships

    Scholarships with one year paid placement awarded by British poultry meat businesses to students considering a career in the agriculture and food production sectors.


    Avara Foods

    “I am grateful and excited to be undertaking a placement with Avara and honoured to be awarded the British Poultry Council Scholarship. Being the first in my family to attend university I feel a great sense of achievement. This scholarship has allowed me to quit my part-time job and focus solely on my studies.”

    Kelly Billington
    BEng/BEng Hons Mechanical Engineering

    “I would like to thank my sponsor Avara Foods for my scholarship award. The award will assist me hugely and reduce the financial pressure associated with relocating for my placement year. I am hoping it will also allow me to complete ongoing projects. Having successfully applied for the award I am looking forward to the fantastic opportunity to put the theory of operations management and engineering processes into practice during my placement year.”

    Alex Lowe
    BEng/BEng Hons Automotive Engineering (Off-Highway)

    “I would like to say a huge thank you to both the British Poultry Council and Avara Foods for this amazing opportunity, which will allow me to gain fantastic experiences and progress within the poultry industry. To have received both the placement and the scholarship from Avara Foods is an honour, and considering the nature of the placement applications this year, a great achievement. I look forward to beginning my placement soon and using the financial contribution to support living away from home.”

    Jessica Riley
    BSc/BSc Hons Agriculture

    “A huge thank you to Avara for the scholarship with placement and continued support throughout my studies at Harper Adams University. My time at Avara allowed me to experience the fast pace of food manufacturing and the poultry industry. My placement allowed me to grow professionally, and I gained new skills and knowledge that I have been able to apply to my final year of studies.”

    Rebecca Cox
    BEng/BEng Hons Agricultural Engineering (2018/19)

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my placement year with Avara Foods as part of a BPC scholarship where I gained crucial industry experience. Therefore, I’m very grateful to Avara Foods for supporting me throughout my final year at university and accommodating me on their Agriculture Graduate scheme where I will re-join the team starting in September 2021. This support has been invaluable and greatly appreciated as I've been able to focus on my university work in my final year.”

    Mark Mathias
    FdSc Agriculture (2018/19)

    “I would like to express my thanks to Avara Foods for the Avara BPC scholarship with placement. The scholarship has been important for furthering my education and studies at Harper Adams and has led me to new experiences which I have never done before and I developed new skills that I can carry through into my agriculture career. Thank you for the opportunity Avara has given me.”

    Adam Reader
    BSc/BSc Hons Agriculture with Animal Science (2018/19)

    “I would like to say thank you to Avara for not only the scholarship they have provided me with but all their support through placement and my 4th Year projects. The scholarship award has been invaluable to me as it has enabled me to develop my knowledge and skills further through my studies. The experience I was able to have on placement allowed me to build my confidence massively, working with a supportive and inspiring team.”

    Rebecca Websdale
    MEng Mechanical Engineering (2018/19)

    Gressingham Foods

    “We are delighted to be awarding Wesley the Gressingham British Poultry Council Scholarship and look forward to welcoming him to Gressingham on his placement later this year.”

    “I would like to thank Gressingham Foods for the scholarship award which you have offered me. Receiving this award is very important for me and has only encouraged me to study a lot harder. The experience I will gain on my placement will mean a great deal to me and improve my confidence whilst I am there. I am very proud of this achievement and I am grateful you offered it to me.”

    Wesley McGuire
    BSc/BSc Hons Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Management


    “I would like to thank Aviagen for awarding me with the Aviagen scholarship and placement. Receiving this award will give me the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the poultry industry, which I would not otherwise have been able to gain. I am hugely grateful for this opportunity which has increased my confidence in pursuing a career in the industry and financially given me the chance to further my reading and see how the industry operations differ around the world in the future.”

    Becky Davies
    BSc/BSc Hons Bioveterinary Science

    “I would kindly like to thank both the British Poultry Council and Aviagen for presenting me with this year’s scholarship award. The opportunity to have a placement with Aviagen is a tremendous career opportunity and not only has boosted my confidence but has given me a drive for success in agriculture with a step into the pathway of the poultry world. I aim to develop my career prospects whilst applying my own skills and knowledge to benefit the business. The scholarship is something I will always be grateful for and it will give me financial support to access the resources I require to further my knowledge on poultry which I can apply to my placement, and to assist with living expenses when moving to Scotland for the placement with Aviagen. I cannot thank Aviagen enough for this opportunity and I look forward to meeting the team and commencing placement later this year.”

    Rebecca Kelly
    BSc/BSc Hons Bioveterinary Science

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Aviagen for the experience and skills I gained throughout my placement year. Starting with no previous commercial experience of the industry, I am extremely grateful for the varied nature of the role as it provided an insight into the poultry sector as a whole, whilst allowing me to gain and build knowledge of numerous aspects of broiler breeding. My placement allowed me to take my first steps within the industry and has provided a stepping stone into a future career in poultry, for which I thank Aviagen. I would also like to say thank you for their generosity in awarding me the scholarship funding for my final year of study. This has been greatly appreciated, especially during the hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    Rachel Haynes
    BSc/BSc Hons Agriculture with Animal Science (2018/19)

    “I would like to thank Aviagen, who have not only provided me with financial support for the duration of my studies, but also provided me with a placement year which encompassed invaluable learning experiences and a vital foothold in the farming industry. This was particularly significant for a student like myself, being from a non-farming background. Working within Aviagen provided ample poultry experience and I have no doubt that this experience will play a vital role in my future career succession and thank Aviagen for their ongoing support and guidance.”

    Nancy-May Thorne
    BSc/BSc Hons Agriculture with Animal Science (2018/19)

    Moy Park

    “Miranda Smith: On behalf of all the Agriculture team, I would like to welcome you to Moy Park. We are really looking forward to having you as part of the team and very much hope you are looking forward to it too. We have all sorts of opportunities for you to get involved in – we can’t wait for you to get started 😊 ”
    Ross Armstrong, Broiler Manager

    “I am hugely grateful to Moy Park for the scholarship opportunity that you have provided me with. This award means a great deal to me as it will enable me to pursue a career path. I am very proud of my achievement and very excited for the experiences I will gain through it. Without this achievement I would have never had the opportunity to gain an insight into the poultry industry and for that I am extremely grateful.”

    Miranda Smith
    BSc/BSc Hons Animal Health and Welfare

    “Connie joined us for the greater part of last year and immediately demonstrated her enthusiasm and willingness to be part of our team. Keen to learn and not frightened to muck in, I was extremely pleased on how she adapted to our department and her ability to get on with everybody. Feedback from my management team was extremely positive and everybody enjoyed working with Connie. Whenever I gave her work to do, it was faced with enthusiasm and done to a very high standard. I was sorry when she left to go back to university!

    However I was pleased when she accepted the position of trainee Area Manager starting this June. I think Connie will bring a lot to my department - her enthusiasm, drive and ‘get up and go’ attitude can only have a huge positive effect!”
    Mark Fairhurst (Parent Stock Breeder Manager GB)

    “I would like to thank Moy Park and the British Poultry Council for their continuous support throughout my time at Harper Adams. My placement was extremely beneficial and I cannot wait to re-join the poultry industry once I have graduated. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given and I am very enthusiastic about my future, thanks to this scholarship.”

    Constance Reeves
    BSc/BSc Hons Animal Production Science (2018/19)


    Certis Europe MSc Scholarship

    Offered to a student studying for an MSc in Integrated Pest Management at Harper Adams University and completing research that is of direct interest to Certis, a developer and provider of crop protection solutions for growers to help them meet market demands and produce healthy crops.

    “It is our pleasure to present Aimee with this Certis Europe studentship as an opportunity to continue her Masters studies with the hope that she will go on to start a brilliant career in Crop Protection. Certis has a long history of development of biorational products and IPM solutions via collaboration with several European research centres, which was the framework of our actual cooperation with Harper Adams University, supporting PhD and MSc studies on innovative plant protection products and technologies. Besides our commitment to innovation and development of new bio products, as an industry, we remain very interested and open to hire new employees coming from such excellent University training programmes and work with us to overcome the challenges of the future.”  


    “I would like to thank Certis Europe for selecting me for the award of the Certis Europe MSc Scholarship 2020/21. Having remained in academia since completing A-Levels, I was yet to experience the opportunity to work in industry relating to my field of study. The receipt of the Certis Europe Scholarship has allowed me to not only improve my research abilities, but learn from leading industry professionals and work toward meeting industry requirements. This experience has allowed me to develop and grow as a young researcher and scientist in ways which I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to, and has opened doors to future opportunities that I otherwise would not have known were possible.”

    Aimee Jane Tonks
    MSc Integrated Pest Management

    CLAAS logo

    CLAAS Scholarship

    Scholarship with one year work placement at CLAAS Harsewinkel, Germany provided to an Engineering student, with further funding provided in the scholar’s final year(s) at Harper Adams University.

    “We are delighted to work in partnership with Harper Adams University for our Scholarship Programme. The feedback we get from our counterparts regarding the students who go to Germany for a year is always so positive, and we love being able to give young people the chance to live and work abroad for a year. Congratulations to all the CLAAS Scholars and all the best for the future.”


    “I would like to thank all involved with the scholarship for allowing this opportunity to happen. Gaining this fantastic award has improved my mindset and vision for the future, now believing in myself and striving for success in everything I do. The opportunity to work from CLAAS’ headquarters in Harsewinkel, Germany is second to none and something I would not have dreamt of doing for a placement year. As a result I am very excited to fulfill this opportunity and see what the future holds. The funding received with the award has been of great use allowing me to purchase technology aids for educational purposes to work to full potential, and purchase tools for my own projects outside of education.”

    Rhodri Williams
    BEng/BEng Hons Agricultural Engineering

    “I would like to thank CLAAS for the once in a lifetime experience that my scholarship placement provided. My time working at CLAAS UK HQ in Suffolk, and at CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH in Harsewinkel, Germany was highly rewarding. I have made friends for life in the process, along with fantastic contacts in many countries. The opportunity to travel and experience new cultures in a second language was challenging and exciting. The financial support in my final years of study has been invaluable for many reasons and the supportive environment working for CLAAS, both in the UK and in Germany, has enabled me to clearly focus on a future career path.”

    William Flittner
    MEng Hons Agricultural Engineering (2018/19)

    “I would like to thank Sarah Steggall and CLAAS UK for the continued support. I continue to use skills developed on placement both in Harsewinkel and Manns' Workshop. Looking back, the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in a professional environment really has aided my ability to understand systems and diagnose and solve problems encountered during other engineering tasks.”

    Robert Bryning
    MEng Agricultural Engineering (2019/20)



    Clan Trust Scholarship

    Scholarship open to students from Norfolk who can show a relevance to agriculture or the rural sector.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Clan Trust for awarding me this scholarship. I am very grateful to have received this award as it has provided me with the opportunity to undertake further qualifications within the agricultural sector, broadening my opportunities once I graduate from Harper Adams. I have personally seen some of the excellent work carried out by the Clan Trust and so I am very proud to be the first Clan Trust Scholar.”

    Poppy Bunting
    BSc/BSc Hons Agriculture with Crop Management


    George Crawford Legacy Trust Scholarship

    Scholarship offered to students to give them a ‘leg up’ to realise their dreams, in memory of agriculture student George Crawford.

    “We hope that this grant helps you on your journey in life. Where you end up, is up to you but hopefully this grant is the leg up you need, to get you started on that journey. Work hard, play hard and enjoy life as you are only here once.”

    “I would like to say a huge thank you to the Trustees of The George Crawford Legacy Trust for the scholarship award. This award will help me to gain valuable work experience which I would not have otherwise been able to fund. It has also provided me with the confidence to believe in myself and to carry on working hard to achieve my goals.”

    Shaynee Smith
    BSc/BSc Hons Veterinary Physiotherapy

    Country Land and Business Association Charitable Trust Scholarship

    The CLA Charitable Trust offers scholarships to students who are studying Rural Enterprise and Land Management or Rural Property Management at Harper Adams University.

    Bridget Biddell, Chairman of the Country Land and Business Association Charitable Trust, congratulating this year’s newly awarded scholars:

    “I would like to thank the sponsors, and everybody involved with the CLA Charitable Trust for this award. I am really proud to have received the award, and it has helped me to gain a good insight into the role of the CLA and the work that they are involved in, which will be really useful during my placement year and beyond.”

    William Griffiths
    BSc/BSc Hons Rural Enterprise and Land Management

    “I would like to thank the CLA Charitable Trust for choosing me for this sponsorship. Receiving it gave me great pride and confidence particularly in applying for placement roles. I am very grateful for the financial benefits that come with the scholarship but I am also looking forward to the networking and insight opportunities it brings.”

    Stuart Rowlands
    BSc/BSc Hons Rural Enterprise and Land Management

    The CLA Charitable Trust also sends their very best wishes to:

    “The award of the CLA Charitable Trust Scholarship has been not only an essential financial lifeline throughout my studies, particularly during the pandemic, but also has offered me countless opportunities to attend networking events and create contacts that have assisted my studies. In January of this year I was given the opportunity to gain another CLA Charitable Trust scholarship to attend the virtual Oxford Farming Conference which was a fantastic chance to expand my knowledge and network with industry professionals. I would like to again thank the CLA Charitable Trust for their continued support.”

    Alice Penelope Grimes
    BSc/BSc Hons Rural Enterprise and Land Management (2018/19)

    “I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the CLA Charitable Trust for supporting me with my studies during my time at Harper Adams. This award has helped relieve some of the financial pressures associated with attending University. I also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to visit the CLA headquarters in London. Thank you once again for your support.”

    Charlotte Scott
    BSc/BSc Hons Rural Enterprise and Land Management (2018/19)


    ForFarmers Ruminant Scholarship

    Scholarship with one year paid work placement offered to a student interested in a career in ruminant nutrition with this internationally operating feed company.

    “I just want to say a huge thank you to ForFarmer for awarding me the Ruminant scholarship. The award is of huge importance to my studies at university, helping me to become a high achiever during my second year at Harper Adams. Gaining the scholarship made me realise I can achieve great things and has given me motivation to strive for success. It has boosted my confidence with my studies at university and given me a fantastic head start to my placement year in August. The scholarship has given me security to move down to Bristol. I feel privileged to have the honour to work for such a big company on my placement year.”

    Josephine Kate Adams
    BSc/BSc Hons Agri-Business

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