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Staff Directory

Dr Andy Wilcox BSc, MSc, PhD

Head of the Crop and Environment Sciences Department, Principal Lecturer

Teaching Duties

  • Introduction to Ecology (BSc)
  • Agriculture & the Environment (BSc)
  • Wildlife and Conservation Management (BSc)
  • Applied Ecology (BSc)
  • Research & Information Skills (MSc)
  • Farmland Ecology & Management (MSc)
  • Environment Agency Introduction to Agriculture (Short Course)
  • BETA Environmental Training for Crop Advisors (Short Course)

Research Interests

My research interests focus on agricultural ecology with a particular reference to conservation of farmland biodiversity. My specific research areas include field margins, beetlebanks and farmland birds.

Professional Memberships

  • British Ecological Society

Academic Department: Crop and Environment Sciences

Tel: +44 (0)1952 815373

Fax: +44 (0)1952 814783

Research profile: ORCID


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Other publications

  • Zheljazkov V.D., Craker L.E., Xing B., Nielsen N.E. and Wilcox A. (2008) Aromatic plant production on metal contaminated soils. Science of the Total Environment. 395(2-3): pp51-62.
  • Cunningham H., Bradbury R, Chaney K. and Wilcox A. (2005) The effect of non-inversion tillage on field usage by UK farmland birds in winter. Bird Study. 52: pp173-179.
  • Brooks A.S., Wilcox A, Cook R.T. and Crook M.J. (2005) A laboratory-based comparison of a molluscicide and an alternative food source (red clover) as means of reducing slug damage to winter wheat. Pest Management Science. 61: pp715-720.
  • Cunningham H.M., Chaney K., Bradbury R. and Wilcox A. (2004) Non-inversion tillage and farmland birds: A review with special reference to the UK and Europe. IBIS. 146: pp192-202.
  • Brooks A.S., Crook M.J., Wilcox A. and Cook R.T. (2003) A laboratory evaluation of the palatability of legumes to the field slug, Deroceras reticulatum. Pest Management Science. 59(3) pp245-251.
  • Collins K.L., Boatman N.D., Wilcox A. and Holland J.M. (2003) Effects of different grass treatments used to create overwintering habitat for predatory arthropods on arable farmland. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment. 96 (1-3) pp59-67.
  • Collins K.L., Boatman N.D., Wilcox A. and Holland J.M. (2003) A 5-year comparison of overwintering polyphagous predator densities within a beetle bank and two conventional hedgebanks. Annals Of Applied Biology. 143(1) pp63-71.
  • Bell J.R., Haughton A.J., Boatman N.D. and Wilcox, A. (2002) Do incremental increases of the herbicide glyphosate have indirect consequences for spider communities? Journal of Arachnology. 30(2) pp288-297.
  • Collins K.L., Boatman N.D., Wilcox A., Holland J.M. and Chaney K. (2002) Influence of beetle banks on cereal aphid predation in winter wheat. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 93 (1-3) pp337-350.
Additional Information

Outside Interests

I enjoy watching and observing wildlife, particularly birds. I am also keen on anything to do with gadgets and technology. Much of my time is currently taken up studying for a postgraduate diploma in Geographical Information Systems by on line distance learning.

Other Roles

  • External Examiner, Manchester Metropolitan University


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