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Dr Emma Bleach

Senior Lecturer

Emma is a Senior Lecturer in Animal Science. She is from a dairy farming background and is interested in all things dairy! She has a particular interest in reproduction and lactation of farm animals to optimise the efficiency of production systems. Her other great interest is in dairy calf rearing systems to optimise the growth, health and well-being of calves. 

Teaching Duties


BSc Agriculture & Routes, BSc Animal Production Science

  • Animal Production Systems (A4005C17)
  • Animal Production (LM) (A4012C17)
  • Farm Animal Production Science (A5001C17) module leader
  • Farm Animal Science (A5016C17)
  • Sustainable Livestock Production (A5006C17)


PgC / PgD/ MSc Ruminant Nutrition 

  • Ruminant Animal Production & the Feed Industry (A7081) Module leader
  • Recent Advances in Ruminant Nutrition - Calf and heifer nutrition (A7079)
  • Ration formulation and Feeding Systems (A7080

PgC / PgD / MSc Agricultural Systems and Production Systems

  • Principles and Practice of Livestock Husbandry (A7071)

PgC / PgD / MSc Veterinary Pharmacy

  • Farm Animal Health Care (A7065)

PhD supervisions

Current supervisions

  • The behavioural, physiological and production effects of dairy cow-calf rearing systems
  • Evaluation of the gastrointestinal tract faecal microbiome in dairy calves as an indicator of welfare.
  • A qualitative social science investigation of UK dairy calf health and welfare

Previous supervisions

  • Investigations of factors that influence oestrous expression in dairy cattle (Hawar Zebari completed 2019)
  • Service provision in the animal health sector (Alison Pyatt completed 2017)
  • Factors that influence dairy cow preference to be indoors or at pasture (Priya Motupali completed 2014)
  • Assessing the impact of lameness on gait and behaviour of dairy cattle: Development of an automated lameness detection system (Nicola Blackie completed 2009)

MRes supervision

Current supervisions

  • To investigate the effect of concentration of equine sperm quality following cryopreserving and to investigate the effect of re freezing

Research areas

  • Youngstock rearing practices including dairy calves and heifers, dairy-bred beef calves 
    • Current projects
      • Cow-calf rearing
      • TMRs for dairy calves
      • Whole milk for dairy-bred beef calves
  • Reproductive processes particularly in dairy cows. Current research is looking at factors affecting oestrus expression in dairy cows
    • Current projects
      • Using hormones in dairy cow reproductive management
  • Factors influencing dairy cow productivity
  • Ovarian follicle development
  • Using Cow Signals to monitor the wellbeing of cattle

Professional Memberships

British Society ofAnimal Science (BSAS)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Academic Department: Agriculture and Environment

Tel: +44 (0)1952 81 5079

Office: AC10 Aspire Centre

Research profile: ORCID

Research profile:


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Other publications

Additional Information

Cow Signals Certified Master Trainer


You can contact Dr Emma Bleach if you would like to discuss any of the following course modules:



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