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Dr Paul Hand

Reader in Crop Improvement

I am a research leader in Crop Improvement and Genetics with over 15 years expertise in plant genetics and mapping of quantitative traits. 

Research Interests

  • Quantitative genetics of pest and disease resistance and quality traits in lettuce and Brassica.
  • Development of genetic and genomics resources  for molecular plant breeding. 
  • Exploitation of natural allelic variation in crop improvement.
  • Characterisation of the genetic components of the interaction between lettuce genotypes and human pathogenic bacteria.

Current and recent research funding:

  • A Systems Approach to Disease Resistance Against Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens (BBSRC)
  • A genetic approach to improving post-harvest quality (BBSRC)
  • Leafy Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VeGIN): Pre-breeding research to support sustainable farming of leafy vegetables and salads (Defra)
  • Sustainable Agriculture for International Development: Accelerated breeding of Black Rot resistant brassicas for the benefit of East African smallholders (BBSRC/DfID)
  • Bacterial and plant factors that influence adhesion of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli and Salmonella enterica to salad leaves (BBSRC) 
  • KTP partnership with Elsoms Seeds- sponsored by Defra and BBSRC

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the International Society for Horticultural Science

Academic Department: Crop and Environment Sciences

Tel: +44 (0)1952 81 5055

Fax: +44 (0)1952 814783

Research profile: ORCID


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Other publications

  • Andrew M Beacham, James M Monaghan, Paul Hand and David A C Pink. (2017) Analysis of Brassica oleracea early stage abiotic stress responses reveals tolerance in multiple crop types and for multiple sources of stress. J. Sci. Food Agric. 97
  • WALLEY, PETER; HOUGH, GEMMA; MOORE, JONATHAN; CARDER, JOHN; ELLIOTT, MARIAN; MEAD, ANDREW; JONES, JULIE; TEAKLE, GRAHAM; BARKER, GUY ; BUCHANAN-WOLLASTON, VICKY; HAND, PAUL; PINK, DAVID; COLLIER, ROSEMARY. (2017) Towards new sources of resistance to the currant-lettuce aphid (Nasonovia ribisnigri) Molecular Breeding 37 (DOI 10.1007/s11032-016-0606-4)
  • Katherine Denby, Adam Talbot, Abi Graceson, Elspeth Ransom, Andy Taylor, Krzysztof Polanski, David Pink, Paul Hand and John Clarkson. (2017) A systems approach to breeding disease resistance in lettuce against necrotrophic fungal pathogens. (Plant & Animal Genome XXV, San Diego, USA, Jan 14-18, 2017.)
  • Paul J. Hunter, Laura D. Atkinson, Laura Vickers, Stella Lignou, Maria Jose Oruna-Concha, David Pink, Paul Hand, Guy Barker, Carol Wagstaff, James M. Monaghan. (2017) Oxidative discolouration in whole-head and cut lettuce: biochemical and environmental influences on a complex phenotype and potential breeding strategies to improve shelf-life. Euphytica 213
  • J. Roberts, J. Monaghan, DAC Pink, M. Broadley & P. Hand (2016) Identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) linked to increased lateral root emergence and growth in an intra-specific Lactuca sativa cross for the improvement of lettuce transplants. (SCI Agrifood Conference May 2016.)
  • William Watts, Ivan Grove, Paul Hand & Matthew Back. (2016) The importance of Brassica juncea residue quality and placement in biofumigation of potato cyst nematodes. (6th International Symposium on Biofumigation, July 2016, Stellenbosch, SA.)
  • Justin Roberts, Jim Monaghan, Dave Pink, Martin Broadley, Paul hand. (2016) Rapid Rooting Phenotype of Lettuce Transplants. (Syngenta Product Safety & Biological Research Collaborations Review Event, Jealots Hill, Sept 7-8, 2016.)
  • S. Lignou, B. Radha, M.-J. Oruna-Concha, P. Hunter, A. Hambridge, A. Graceson, G. Barker, P. Hand, J. Monaghan, D. Pink, C. Wagstaff (2016) Effect of storage on the phenolic profile of Saladin × Iceberg recombinant inbred population. (Shaping the Future of Food Quality Health and Safety Conference, Amsterdam, NL, Oct 2016.)
  • PAUL J. HUNTER, ROBERT K SHAW, CEDRIC N BERGER, GAD FRANKEL, DAVID PINK AND PAUL HAND (2015) Older Leaves of Lettuce (Lactuca spp.) Support Higher Levels of Salmonella ser. Senftenberg Attachment and Show Greater Variation Between Plant Accessions than do Younger Leaves FEMS Microbiology Letters (DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/femsle/fnv077)
  • ATKINSON LD, McHALE LK, TRUCO MJ, HILTON H, LYNN J, SCHUT JW, MICHELMORE RM, HAND P, PINK DAC (2013) An intra-specific linkage map of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) and genetic analysis of postharvest discolouration traits. Theoretical & Applied Genetics 126 (pp. 2737-2752. DOI 10.1007/s00122-013-2168-8.)
  • Ian Burns, Paul Hand, James Durnford, Sandy McClement, James Lynn, Dave Pink. (2013) Exploiting natural variation in the efficiency of nitrogen use by leafy vegetable crops. (NEV2013 (Nitrogen, Environment and Vegetables), April 15-17, Turin, Italy.)
  • Graham Teakle, Peter Walley, Jay Moore, David Astley, Graham King, Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston, Paul Hand, David Pink and Guy Barker (2012) Genetic diversity in C genome diploid Brassicas. (Plant and Animal Genome XX Conference , January 14-18, 2012, San Diego, USA. Poster P0390.)
  • Joseph M.K. Mulema, Joana G. Vicente, David A.C. Pink, Alison Jackson, Duncan O. Chacha, Lusike Wasilwa, Zakary M. Kinyua, Daniel K. Karanja, Eric B. Holub and Paul Hand. (2012) Molecular diversity of the plant pathogen Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris in a collection of isolates from four continents. (4th Xanthomonas Genomics Conference, July 9-12, Angers, France, poster P8.)
  • BURNS IG, DURNFORD J, LYNN J, McCLEMENT S, HAND P and PINK DACP (2012) The influence of genetic variation and nitrogen source on nitrate accumulation and iso-osmotic regulation by lettuce Plant and Soil 352: 321-339 (DOI 10.1007/s11104-011-0999-0)
  • MULEMA JMK, VICENTE JG, PINK DAC, JACKSON A, CHACHA DO, WASILWA L, KINYUA ZM, KARANJA DK, HOLUB EB, HAND P (2012) Characterization of isolates that cause Black rot of crucifers in East Africa Eur. J. Plant Pathol. 133(2): 427-438 (DOI 10.1007/s10658-011-9916-x )
  • P. Hunter, P. Hand, D.A.C. Pink, G. Bending (2012) Plant genotype influences bacterial colonisation of lettuce leaves (3rd Defra VeGIN Project Stakeholder meeting, Wellesbourne, 20-21 Feb 2012)
  • P. Hand (2011) Precision Agriculture and Phenotyping (UK Plant Phenotyping Network Meeting, 18 October 2011, Nottingham University (Sutton Bonington))
  • P. Hunter, J. Brough, P. Hand (2011) Plant genotype influences lettuce colonization by the Enterobacteriaceae (EUCARPIA Leafy Vegetables Conference, August 23-26 2011, Lille, France)
  • L.D. Atkinson, P. Hand, L.K. Mchale, M.J. Truco, R.W. Michelmore, J. Schut, D.A.C. Pink (2011) Genetic characterisation of post harvest spoilage in lettuce (EUCARPIA Leafy Vegetables Conference, August 23-26 2011, Lille, France)
  • R.J. Hayes, R.W. Michelmore, M.J. Truco, L.K. McHale, R. Antonise, P. Hand, and I. Simko (2011) Developing lettuce with improved quality for processed salads (EUCARPIA Leafy Vegetables Conference, August 23-26 2011, Lille, France)
  • Hand P & Mulema J (2011) Developing Black Rot Resistant Brassicas for East African Farmers (UK Brassica Research Community Annual Conference, May 2011, Nottingham University)
  • Hand P (2011) Lettuce Genetic Improvement (Defra Vegetable Improvement Network Stakeholders Meeting, April 5 2011, Warwick University)
  • BURNS IG, ZHANG K, TURNER MK, LYNN J, MCCLEMENT S, HAND P and PINK DAC (2011) Genotype and Environment effects on nitrate accumulation in a diversity set of lettuce accessions at commercial maturity: the influence of nitrate uptake and assimilation, osmotic interactions, and shoot weight and development. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 91(12): 2217-2233 (DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.4442)
  • SHERRY M., TRENCHARD L., HAND P., HENDERSON J., PATEL A., SMITH S., HARRIS P (2011) RAPD and microsatellite transferability studies in selected species of Prosopis (section Algarobia) with emphasis on Prosopis juliflora and Prosopis pallida Journal of Genetics 90(2): 251-264
  • FRANKEL G, SHAW RK, PINK DAC, BERGER CN and HAND P (2009) Fresh produce as a potential vector for bacterial human pathogens Microbial Biotechnology 2(6): 595-597 (DOI:10.1111/j.1751-7915.2009.00137.x)
  • WHIPPS JM, HAND P, PINK DAC and BENDING GD (2008) Human Pathogens and the Phyllosphere Advances in Applied Microbiology 64: 183-221


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