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Dr Stephen Mansbridge BSc (Hons), PhD, CBiol MRSB, FHEA, R.Anim.Sci.

Dairy Crest Senior Lecturer in Animal Science and Bioinformatics

Registered animal scientist accredited by the British Society of Animal Science and current holder of the Dairy Crest Lectureship in Animal Science and Bioinformatics. Stephen is also an AMTRA qualified animal medicines advisor (all species), with a background in agriculture and specialist interests in animal health and non-ruminant nutrition.

Teaching Duties

I am involved in teaching on a range of modules at Foundation, Batchelor and Master levels, including:

  • C4007 - Agricultural Science 
  • C4001 - Introduction to Research Methods
  • C5002 - Research Methods
  • A4001 - Academic Development
  • A6014 - Advances in Animal Production Systems
  • F7034 - Research and Information Skills
  • A6001 - Professional Skills for Veterinary Physiotherapy
  • HRPROJ - Honours Reserch Project

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Member of the Royal Society of Biology (MRSB)
  • Member of the British Society of Animal Science 

Researcher Profile

Research interests in mono-gastric health and nutrition. In particular, the biological mechanisms underpinning the interactions between enzymes, minerals and macro nutrients on immunology, physiology and gene expression. Also, host and microbiome interactions, including the use of pre- and pro- biotics. My research includes work on super dosing phytase feed enzymes and pharmaceutical zinc oxide supplemetation in pigs, to impove health, performance and welfare. In addition, I have worked on straw bedding ingestion in both sows and growing pigs and how this influences nutrient digestibility. My research also covers the quality of feeding ingredients and the use of prebiotics in chickens and pigs. More information on my research can be found by clicking the research project links below.

I am a STEM Ambassador and I also support students undertaking the British Science Association's CREST Award scheme 

Academic Department: Animal Production, Welfare and Veterinary Sciences

Tel: +44 (0)1952 815319

Twitter: @SCMansbridge

Office: AC 3a Aspire Centre

Research profile: ORCID

Research profile:


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Other publications

  • Azhar, M., Mansbridge, S., Rose, S., Bedford, M. and Pirgozliev, V. (2018) Wheat cultivar choice modulates broiler chicken jejunal gene expression and wheat feeding value. International Poultry Scientific Forum, 29 – 30 January, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Miles, A., Davies, S.J. and Mansbridge, S.C. (2018) Galacto-oligosaccharides: an investigation into dietary inclusion levels for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) for improved carcass characteristics. Advances in Animal Biosciences, 9(1), p29.
  • Azhar, R., Rose, S.P., Mansbridge, S.C., Bedford, M.R. and Pirgozliev V.R. (2018) Growing site influences wheat apparent metabolisable energy value for broiler chickens. Programme and Summaries of the World's Poultry Science Association (UK Branch) Annual Meeting, 10 - 11th April, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
  • Mansbridge, S.C. and Buckley, L.A. (2018) Getting started with your veterinary nursing dissertation: what can I research? Veterinary Nursing Journal, 33:6, (pp. 175-177, DOI: 10.1080/17415349.2018.1459336)
  • Pirgozliev, V., Mansbridge, S.C., Rose, S.P., Mackenzie, A.M., Beccaccia, A., Karadas, F., Ivanova, S.G., Staykova, G.P., Oluwatosin, O.O. and Bravo, D. (2018) Dietary essential oils improve feed efficiency and hepatic antioxidant content of broiler chickens. Animal (DOI: 10.1017/S1751731118001520.)
  • Pirgozliev, V., Brearley, C., Rose, S.P. and Mansbridge, S.C. (2018) Manipulation of plasma myo-inositol in broiler chickens: effect on growth performance, dietary energy, nutrient availability and hepatic function. Poultry Science.
  • Pirgozliev, V., Mansbridge, S.C., Rose, S.P., Lillehoj, H.S., and Bravo, D. (2018) Immune modulation, growth performance and nutrient retention in broiler chickens fed a blend of phytogenic feed additives. Poultry Science
  • Mansbridge, S.C., Mackenzie, A.M., Pirgozliev, V., Walk, C.L., Bedford, M.R., Wellock, I. and Stewart, A.H. (2018) Interaction of dietary phytase and pharmaceutical ZnO on growth performance and health status of the weaner pig. IXth Annual Conference: Innovations in Agricultural Science for Efficient Farming, 27 September, Shumen, Bulgaria. p. 4.
  • Buckley, L.A. and Mansbridge, S.C. (2018) Sixteen tips for getting started in practice-based research. Veterinary Nursing Journal, 33(1) (DOI: 10.1080/17415349.2017.1394678)
  • Pirgozliev, V., Mansbridge, S.C., Rose, S.P., Brearley, C.A. (2018) The effect of dietary phosphorus and inositol contents on hepatic vitamin E and blood alkaline phosphatase of broilers. 6th Mediterranean Poultry Summit, 18 – 20 June, Torino, Italy.
  • Pirgozliev, V., Westbrook, C., Woods, S., Karagecilli, M.R., Karadas, F., Rose, S.P. and Mansbridge, S.C. (2018) The effects of dietary dihydroquercetin on growth performance of broiler chickens. IXth Annual Conference: Innovations in Agricultural Science for Efficient Farming, 27 September, Shumen, Bulgaria. p. 5.
  • Sobolewska, S., Whiting, I., Mansbridge, S., Rose, S.P., Pirgozliev, V. (2017) Effect of titanium dioxide on egg shell quality. XXIII European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat and XVII European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products, September 03 – 05, Edinburgh, UK.
  • Mansbridge, S.C. (2016) Increasing the efficiency of phosphorus use in pig production, under resource limitations. Proceedings of the Sustainable Pig production Workshop - The Knowledge and Technology Exchange between the UK and Thailand, 1-4 March 2016, Bangkok, Thailand. p. 44.
  • Pirgozliev, V., Mansbridge, S., Rose, S.P. and Bravo, D. (2016) Plant extracts, energy, and immune modulation in broilers. Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference and DuPont’s Technical Symposium, 24 - 26 May, Marriott East, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Mansbridge, S.C., Mackenzie, A.M., Pirgozliev, V., Walk, C.L., Bedford, M.R., Wellock, I. and Stewart, A.H. (2015) The effects of dietary digestible phosphorous, phytase and zinc oxide on the growth performance of weaner pigs. Advances in Animal Biosciences 6 (2), P. 234 (ISSN 2040-4700)
  • Mansbridge, S.C., Mackenzie, A.M., Pirgozliev, V., Skinner, L.S., Evans, N., Walk, C.L. and Stewart, A.H. (2014) Selection of reference genes suitable for normalisation of IFN-gamma and TNF mRNA expression by real-time SYBR Green polymerase chain reaction in porcine duodenum tissue. Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Conference on Veterinary Science Research, 24th November, Singapore.
  • Beccaccia, A., Pirgozliev, V., Mansbridge, S. and Rose, S.P. (2014) Collection technique does not affect mucin concentration in ileal digesta. Programme and Summaries of the World's Poultry Science Association (UK Branch) Annual Meeting, 29 - 30th April, Nottingham University, UK.
  • Mansbridge, S.C., Atkins, N and Mackenzie, A.M. (2014) Blood collection methods: Vacutainer® selection for serum or plasma mineral analysis (pigs). Advances in Animal Biosciences, 5 (1), P. 142
  • Pirgozliev, V., Mansbridge, S., Beccaccia, A., Rose, S.P., Dimitrov, D. and Bravo, D. (2013) Mixture of carvacrol, cinnamaldehyde and capsicum oleoresin improves dietary mineral utilisation of chickens fed wheat based diet Proceedings of the International Congress on advancements in poultry productions in The Middle East and African States, 21 - 25 October 2013, Antalya, Turkey.
  • Beccaccia, A., Pirgozliev, V., Rose, P., Mansbridge, S. and Mackenzie, S. (2013) Serum amyloid A acute phase protein in blood of chickens reared on fresh and recycled litter. Proceedings of the 19th European symposium on poultry nutrition, 26 - 29th August, Potsdam, Germany.
  • Mansbridge, S.C. Stewart, A.H. (2012) An assessment of straw intake by acid insoluble markers in commercial pigs housed in straw based systems Advances in Animal Biosciences 3 (1), P. 56
Additional Information

Edited Publications

  • British Society of Animal Science. 2018. Advances in Animal Biosciences: Innovation to compete in the global livestock industry, 9 (1). ISSN: 2040-4700.
  • British Society of Animal Science. 2017. Advances in Animal Biosciences: The Future of Animal Science, 8 (1). ISSN: 2040-4700.
  • British Society of Animal Science. 2016. Advances in Animal Biosciences: Animal Science for a Sustainable Future, 7 (1). ISSN: 2040-4700

Interest and Research Groups

Committee Positions

  • British Society of Animal Science (Scientific and Technical Events Committee)
  • Harper Adams Club (committee member)

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