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Grace Milburn BSc. (Hons), MSc., PhD

Trials Manager

CERC conducts trials on a range of agricultural, horticultural and ornimental crops, alongside working on environmental research. We are able to conduct work on a wide range of crops, chemicals and machinery techniques, in addition to conducting environmental monitoring trials. CERC is ORETO registered for testing pesticides for registration purposes.

My personal expertise is with biosolids, their production and environmental impact when used as a fertiliser. I have specifically studied the long term leaching of heavy metals from biosolids to soil and the effects on soil biologyy and chemistry. However, following more than 8 years in trials, I have experience in a range of crop and environment topics.

Professional Memberships

International Fertiliser Society

Academic Department: Crop and Environment Sciences

Tel: 01952815362

Twitter: @HAUCERC

Office: CERC14 Crop and Environment Research Centre (CERC)


Other publications

  • Grace H. Smith, Joe, M. Roberts, Tom W. Pope. (2018) Terpene based biopesticides as potential alternatives to synthetic insecticides for control of aphid pests on protected ornamentals Crop Protection 110
  • Grace H. Smith, Keith Chaney, Charles Murray, Minh Son Le (2015) The Effect of Organo-Mineral Fertilizer Applications on the Yield of Winter Wheat, Spring Barley, Forage Maize and Grass Cut for Silage Journal of Environmental Protection 6
  • Lynda K. Deeks & Keith Chaney & Charles Murray & Ruben Sakrabani & Sidath Gedara & Minh S. Le & Sean Tyrrel & Mark Pawlett & Robert Read & Grace H. Smith (2013) A new sludge-derived organo-mineral fertilizer gives similar crop yields as conventional fertilizers Agronomy for Sustainable Development 33


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