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Dr Abigail Graceson


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Crop and Environment Sciences Department with expertise in horticulture, urban greening and in physical, chemical and structural properties of growing media. 

Current research projects:

  • A genetic approach to improving post-harvest quality in fresh produce (funded by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council)

A multidisciplinary collaboration between Harper Adams, Warwick and Reading Universities. The project aims to reduce post-harvest discolouration in lettuce and will explore the genetic and biochemical regulation of pinking and browning traits.

  • Achieving the genetic potential of oilseed rape (funded by Technology Strategy Board)

An investigation into the role of soil-borne fungal pathogens in yield reduction of oilseed rape. The project uses DNA detection and quantification to determine the spatial distribution of potential pathogenic fungi; the susceptibility of oilseed rape varieties and the efficacy of fungicide use for their control.

Recent research projects:

  • The effect of soil compaction and loosening on Greenhouse Gas emissions and grass productivity (funded by Dairy Co)
  • The effect of growing media components on plant growth and water retention on green roofs (funded by Waste and Resources Action Programme and Harper Adams University)


Academic Department: Crop and Environment Sciences

Tel: 01952 815135

Office: G26 Jubilee Adams, Tudor Lodge and NW Building


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