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Dr Anne Stevenson


Senior Lecturer in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

I am a veterinary surgeon with experience in teaching, research, industry, veterinary investigation work, and government service. My teaching and research interests are primarily in infectious and other diseases of equids and livestock, parasitology and animal welfare science.

Teaching Responsibilities

Module Leader:

A5005C17 Introduction to Animal Health
A5028C17 Applied Animal Health
Ac003C17 Introduction to Animal Biology

Module Lecturer:

A6002C17 Advances in Equine Science
A6021 & A6022 Integrated Health Management
A5013C17 Equine Science
A4007C17 Fundamentals of Physiology

Project Supervisor for Undergraduate and Masters research projects
Placement Tutor

Research Interests

  • Animal Welfare Science
  • Establishing normal values for equine body temperature
  • Applied parasitology
  • Learning and Teaching

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Royal Society of Biology
  • Member, British Equine Veterinary Association
  • Member, British Society of Animal Science
  • Member, Publications Committee
  • Member, International Society for Equitation Science
  • Member, British Horse Society

Academic Department: Veterinary Health and Animal Sciences

Tel: 01952 815183

Office: JA G21 Jubilee Adams, Tudor Lodge and NW Building

Research profile: ORCID

Additional Information


Academic Journal Papers

Hall, E.J., Carter, A.J., Stevenson, A.G. and Hall, C. (2019). Establishing a yard specific normal rectal temperature reference range for horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 74, 51-55. ISSN 0737-0806 DOI:

Murray, J-A.M.D., Bloxham, C., Kulifay, J., Stevenson, A. and Roberts, J. (2015). Equine Nutrition: A survey of perceptions and practices of horse owners undertaking a massive open online course in equine nutrition.  Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 35, pp 510-517.

Book Chapters

Stevenson, A. (2017). Small group peer teaching in the digital classroom. In Peberdy, D. (ed.) Creating the Digital Campus: Active Learning Spaces and Technology Droitwich: pp 113-115.

Stevenson, A. and Foy, R. (2017). The Digital Classroom Roadshow: What did academic staff and students think? In Peberdy, D. (ed.) Creating the Digital Campus: Active Learning Spaces and Technology Droitwich: pp 103-111.

Conference Contributions

Hall, E., Carter, A., Stevenson, A., Cameron, L, Northrop, A., White, C. and Hall, C. (2019). A "hot" topic? Reviewing the normal equine rectal temperature range. RVC Symposium on the future of Veterinary Research, 29 March 2019.

Roberts, H., Stevenson, A. and Hemmings, A. (2018). Effect of three magnesium based feed supplements on inferred measures of dopamine activity and cognition: a pilot study. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference of the International Society for Equitation Science, Rome, 21-24 September 2018. p 140.

Emerson, L., Griffin, K. and Stevenson, A. (2016).  Practice and attitudes regarding trimming of equine vibrissae (sensory whiskers) in the UK and Germany.  Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research. 15, 92. DOI:

Jones, T., Griffin, K., Hall, C. and Stevenson, A. (2016). Effects of ridden exercise on night-time resting behavior of individually housed horses.  Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research. 15, 83-84. DOI:

Stevenson, A.G. (1997).  A field trial to assess the efficacy of enrofloxacin as a 25 mg/ml oral solution (BaytrilÒ 2.5% Oral Solution) in the prevention of watery mouth disease in at-risk neonatal lambs. Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress for Sheep Veterinarians, Armidale, February 1997. Pp 294-299.  Indooroopilly, QLD: Australian Sheep Veterinary Society.

Stevenson, A.G., Parkins, J.J. & Holmes, P.H. (1990). Effects of plane of nutrition on pathophysiological and production parameters in sheep infected with Haemonchus contortus. Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPA VII), Paris, August 1990.  8 (Supp. 2), P 126.

Harrison, F. A., Hills, F., Holmes, P. H. and Stevenson, A. G. (1986). The effect of anthelmintic treatment on gastrointestinal loss of plasma proteins in sheep infected with Haemonchus contortus. Journal of Physiology. 371, 209P.



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