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KWS scholar: Henrietta Wells

Posted 18 February 2016

Henrietta with continuing KWS scholar Kieran Hardy

Henrietta Wells, 19, from Louth, Lincolnshire, has been awarded the KWS UK Ltd Scholarship at Harper Adams University. 

The second-year BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Crop Management course student will receive a payment of £2,500 in the current academic year, plus a paid placement year job with KWS.

She said: “Having always been interested in crops and due to past work on variety trials locally in Lincolnshire, applying for the award was the next logical step towards gaining further experience. The company is very reputable within the agricultural industry, and I did not hesitate to apply for the award. 

“I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with the company, and excited that this is a big step towards being establishing myself within the crops industry. I am excited to learn about the company and, for my degree, it will help me immensely, both in terms of finance and knowledge.

“I will start my paid placement in June in Cambridgeshire, including trials work on new crop varieties and also plant breeding. KWS are Europe-leading plant breeders, and the placement offers an insight into the company, through hands-on trials work, to learning about and carrying out the breeding process.

“In the future I aspire to do further work and research into crops, especially into the different varieties and hopefully help farmers in creating economically viable yields. KWS also have a base in France, so in the future I would love to travel with the company.”


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