Access to the RFA is restricted. You
may enter the main hall (atrium)
only. If you would like to arrange
a tour please contact Reception
(01952 820280) and ask for the
Marketing Events Administrator.
Our specialist food courses prepare
students for careers in the food industry,
which is the UK’s largest manufacturing
sector, with a turnover in excess of £75
billion and employing almost 500,000
people, of which some 20 per cent are
graduate level employees. Within the RFA
students have access to a wide variety
of food processing facilities including
development kitchens, cheese production
and brewing rooms, and sensory
evaluation facilities. They experience
practical sessions in making cheese,
baked goods, ice cream, preserved foods
and beer, for instance. They gain an insight
into specialised products such as fresh
produce, ready meals, confectionary,
snacks, cured and smoked meats, jams
and preserves. Established to support the
West Midlands food industry, the RFA also
works with schools to increase knowledge
of the agri-food chain and associated
careers. Adjoined to the RFA is the:
Access to the centre is restricted.
If you would like to arrange a
tour please contact Reception
(01952 820280) and ask for the
Postgraduate Administrator.
The design of this two-storey centre
was modelled on the old Dutch barn
it replaced and incorporates a variety
of sustainable technologies – a good
example of the thought that goes into all
new buildings on campus. The building
includes teaching, IT, breakout and
common rooms, with facilities for disabled
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