From the front of the RFA cross the
road and walk between the North
West Building (offices for staff and
research students) and Jubilee
Adams into the courtyard. The
building with the centenary clock
tower to your left is:
Originally the first purpose built hall of
residence in 1909 this converted and
extended building is now home to
academic staff offices.
The building to your right is the:
Centre is home to the Short
Course and Conference Office. Around
1,500 people enrol on our professional
short courses each year, many of whom
are sponsored by their employers to
learn new skills and further their careers
without committing to full-time study. We
also host a wide range of events from
conferences and corporate parties to
training and team building, civil weddings,
parties and other celebrations. Workforce
development and placement support staff
are also located in this building.
You have now completed your
tour of the main campus. The Main
Building is in front of you, with the
bowling green and countryside
demo area to its right. You may
enter the building through the rear
entrance by the red telephone
box to return to Reception. If you
wish to extend your tour with a walk
around the south campus please
walk along the right of the building
and follow the path to the kissing
gate and over the B5062 that
dissects the university campus.
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