Continue along the path until, on
your left, you come to the:
Harper Adams in a veterinary nurse
approved centre (VNAC). The Veterinary
Services Centre, opened in 2014, is a
great teaching resource for our veterinary
nursing, veterinary physiotherapy and
clinical animal behaviour students. It
comprises a new build with hydrotherapy
suite and consultation rooms, and a mock
veterinary practice with consulting and
prep rooms, x-ray facility and an operating
Next to the Veterinary Services
Centre, set back from the road, is
Entomology, the study of insects, is
integrated into both undergraduate and
postgraduate studies at Harper Adams.
This carbon-friendly building (with a
living roof) has been developed into an
entomology laboratory with insect
culturing facilities thanks to a generous
donation from the Jean Jackson
Charitable Trust. Insects and their relatives
play an important role in all ecosystems.
They range from beneficial insects such
as pollinators and natural control agents,
to essential parts of the decomposition
cycle such as dung and carrion insects.
Many are important pests in agriculture,
horticulture and forestry, in addition to
those that cause human health problems.
Pause here to look at the opposite
side of the road. This is the:
A valuable resource for those
studying animals or veterinary nursing/
physiotherapy, the CAH houses a range
of companion and exotic animals such as
chinchilla, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises,
snakes, degus, lizards and mice. There is
a stable behind the building for the small
number of horses used to aid teaching
– most are rescue animals. The sheep
paddock next to the CAH is used as a
teaching resource.
Beyond the CAH you will see the:
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