Welcome to Harper Adams University
and our campus tour booklet. This guide
is for people who want to explore the
campus on their own without a member
of the university to show them around.
You are welcome to visit the university and complete the self-guided tour
whenever you like, however certain buildings and areas of the campus (the farm,
laboratories and Engineering Department for instance) have
restricted access
and guided tours must be pre-arranged.
Harper Adams University is the UK’s leading university for the agri-food chain
and rural sector. Founded in 1901 we have a long reputation for excellence and
innovation, offering state of the art facilities and rewarding courses in agriculture,
agri-business, food, engineering, animals, rural and land-based studies.
The university is based on a single campus in the Shropshire countryside, close to
the old market town of Newport.
The tour consists of two circular routes around the campus, both starting from the
Main Building, but you may begin from any point along the route. Walking at a
leisurely pace it should take no more than
1½ to two hours
Pg 2: North campus walk.
Pg 15: South campus walk.
Pg 21: A history of Harper Adams University.
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