This is the oldest part of the campus and
was originally student accommodation
as well as a teaching facility. The building
was purpose built for the teaching of
agriculture on the wishes of Shropshire
gentleman farmer, Thomas Harper Adams.
Harper Adams College opened its doors
in 1901 to six young men. The main
building is still used for teaching but also
encompasses offices, including Finance,
Marketing, and the Vice-Chancellor’s
office. Along the main corridors you will
see photographs of staff and Open Fields
research information sheets. The stained
glass window has the original coat of arms
of the Harper Adams family. The motto
Utile Dulce refers to reaping rewards
through hard work. In the vestibule you
can read about some of our many awards.
Exit through the front door. In front
of you is the cricket pitch. Turn left,
cross the road and turn into QMH
car park. Be aware of fast moving
traffic on this road. The buildings in
front and to your right are:
We can accommodate more than 800
students in our 14 halls of residence.
Bradford (2) and Ward (3)
are the two
smallest halls with 84 study bedrooms
between them, and communal bathrooms
with private showers on each all-male or
all-female floor. Much larger,
(4) and Harris (5)
offer a total of 176
en-suite study bedrooms. Most first year
students live on campus. The weekly
price of catered halls includes breakfast,
lunch and dinner Monday to Friday, daily
cleaning and a weekly laundry service
with clothes washed and ironed. All halls
include internet access. Students scan their
ID cards to enter the building.
Each hall has two appointed final year
student wardens who live on site and
provide a point of contact around the
clock. They are trained in first aid, fire
safety, drug awareness and student
support and advice.
Go to your left and into the Queen
Mother Hall (QMH).
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North Campus Walk
Route map on page 13
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