out practical demonstrations and research
into the performance of off-highway
vehicles and field machinery without the
influence of the weather. The covered field
can be irrigated to change soil conditions,
and is used for both student project work
and for commercial companies to carry
out research and development work on
their products. A machinery demonstration
hall attached to the soil hall provides
storage and demonstration facilities for off-
highway and agricultural machines.
From the rear of Foulkes Crowther
turn left and follow the path. At
the end turn right, walking only
between the yellow lines. On your
right are the well-equipped Applied
Engineering Facilities. The avenue
at the side of this building leads
to an off road vehicle test track
(Please be aware that tractors and
other large machinery may be
moving around this area). The large
new building in front of you is the:
(no entry)
This £2.9 million centre, which opened
in 2013, houses a range of ‘clean’
engineering facilities, supports advanced
agricultural engineering teaching and
research. Facilities include a large
lecture theatre with space for a tractor,
electronics/mechatronics lab, hydraulic
lab and research lab for tractors and
machines. It is home to the National
Centre for Precision Farming (NCPF),
which aims to promote and evaluate
the use of technology as a vital aspect
of precision agriculture, and provides
a focal point for the industry; offering
a place for agriculturalists to meet and
source information, and gathering and
disseminating good practice from within
the UK and abroad.
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