You are now at the far end of the
campus, though our farm land
extends further, encompassing
fields, woodland, wildlife ponds
and a bird hide. Please return back
along the yellow-lined walkway. At
the end of the path cross the road.
The gold-clad building in front of
you is the:
Another new addition in 2013, the Weston
is primarily a teaching centre, with a
state of the art 260 seat lecture theatre, IT
classrooms, 24-hour computer suite and
a range of seminar rooms. The building,
which has high sustainability credentials,
also boasts a large atrium, which makes
an ideal social space. Its creation was
supported by a significant donation from
the Garfield Weston Foundation.
Please exit through the rear of the
building and take a moment to
look toward the:
Access to the farm is restricted.
Please do not enter any buildings or
touch any machinery or livestock.
If you would like to arrange a tour
please contact Reception (01952
820280) and ask for the Farm
Students have the unique advantage of
being able to practice ‘in the field’ on our
own commercial farm. Extending to more
than 650 hectares both on campus and
sites further afield, a multi-million pound
investment has resulted in expanded dairy,
pig and poultry units and a food research
centre. All major animal enterprises are
present, with 380 dairy cows and 100
followers, two sheep flocks demonstrating
different management systems, both
intensive and extensive beef units and a
large-scale commercial egg enterprise.
The pig unit accommodates up to 230
sows. The estate includes a coarse fishery.
Soil types vary from a light sandy loam
to heavy clay loam. Generally a rotation
aimed at maximising first wheat is
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,...24