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    Dr Nicola Randall

    Dr Randall manages the Centre for Evidence Based Agriculture and oversees all the research, knowledge translation and publicity activities. She set up the centre in 2012, and has been working on the use and synthesis of evidence in the fields of conservation and agriculture for over 12 years.

    Dr Katy James

    Dr James is a principal postdoctoral research associate in the Centre for Evidence Based Agriculture . She has 10 years experience of working with funders and commissioners to design and implement syntheses. Dr James has also designed new methodologies, and delivers training.

    Dr Iona-Yuelu Huang

    Dr Huang is the centre expert in the fields of business management and economics. Dr Iona Huang undertakes systematic reviews in areas such as economic impact of agri-tech ( e.g. precision farming, agricultural robotics), innovation adoption, rural development policy, rural entrepreneurship, business models, and agri-food waste management.

    Dr Lynn McIntyre

    Dr Lynn McIntyre works in food microbiology and food safety, and acts as our expert advisor for related work within the centre & is involved in supporting evidence synthesis in food systems more widely.

    Dr Matthew Back

    Matthew Back is experienced in reviews and evidence syntheses on the management of pests, weeds and pathogens. He has specific expertise in plant nematology and his wider research is concerned with the development of non-chemical crop protection strategies.

    Dr Ed Harris

    Dr Ed Harris is an applied statistician with research interests in data science and statistical methodology, in ecology and social science. He has over 15 years of experience in primary research and statistical consulting in academic, private, and public sectors in conservation biology, ecology, public health, higher education and agriculture.

    Dr Claire Kershaw

    Dr Claire Kershaw conducts evidence-based research in the field of animal science. She has a particular interest in the use of technologies to enhance animal productivity, health and welfare, and also utilises systematic reviews of scientific methodologies to develop reliable laboratory techniques.

    Dr Simon Jeffery

    Simon Jeffery is a soil ecologist with expertise in soil functions and sustainable agriculture. He has published numerous reviews and meta-analyses using a range of evidence synthesis and statistical techniques.

    Dr Eric Siqueiros

    Dr Eric Siqueiros is a researcher in the Food Land and Agribusiness Management department. His main interests are in developing processes and strategies for the sustainability metrics of the food and agricultural sector. He has been working with sustainability assessment tools for farm management as well as life cycle assessment of different farming systems.

    Dr Magdalena Kaczorowska-Dolowy

    Dr Magda Dolowy is a postdoctoral researcher researcher working on evidence syntheses, and also on network and capacity building in the field of Evidence-Based Agriculture.

    Dr Anthony Millington

    Dr Millington is a postdoctoral researcher in the Centre for Evidence Based Agriculture and works with members of the team, collaborators and stakeholders to carry out systematic reviews and other evidence syntheses for decision makers.

    Dr Samina Ashiq

    Samina Ashiq is a postdoctoral researcher conduting evidence syntheses in the Centre for Evidence Based Agriculture .

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