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    Weed Science Research Group

    The group consisting of core staff, PhD Students and research assistants, works on aspects of the weed biology, ecology and management.  

    The group has expertise in agriculture, crop-weed interactions, plant physiology and biochemistry, herbicide modes of action and efficacy, herbicide resistance, seed dormancy, and allelopathy. Current research projects include manipulation of weed seed dormancy, allelopathic control of weeds in Iraqi Kurdistan, and the development of novel non-chemical automated weed management systems. In addition to research the group is active in technology transfer, training and education, and commercial trials.

    The core academic staff member in the group is:

    Other academic staff involved in weed research projects include:

    • Dr Matthew Back - Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Plant Pathology and Nematology

    Support for the group is provided by specialised field and laboratory facilities and technical staff.


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