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Plant Pathology Research Group

The group consisting of core staff, PhD students and research assistants, works on aspects of the epidemiology and control of plant pathogens. The group has expertise in fungal disease complexes, multitrophic interactions, development and validation of molecular diagnostics and quantification assays, disease forecasting, integrated pest management strategies including fungicides, crop resistance, cultural control, biological control, inorganic salts. In addition to research the group is active in technology transfer, training and education, consultancy and commercial trials.

The core academic staff in the group are:

Other academic staff involved in pathology projects include:

Support for the group is provided by specialised field and laboratory facilities and technical staff.

Culture of Fusarium graminearum
Culture of Fusarium graminearum

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The slide is a Petri dish of 5 wheat seeds infected with Fusarium graminearum after incubation to allow the fungus to grow out of the seeds. Fusarium graminearum is an important seed-borne pathogen of cereals.


If you are interested in collaborative research, training and education, consultancy or commercial trials please contact:

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