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The Centre for Land and Rural Business supports all sectors and businesses operating from rural-based locations, such businesses include land and property management, agricultural and farm-based businesses, leisure, tourism and event management. The centre contributes to the continued commercial success of rural-based businesses and policy formation on rural affairs through both the micro-study of business units and the analysis of the wider economic environment.

Whenever we visit large country estates or areas of outstanding natural beauty it is easy to take for granted the amount of work and investment that is required to safeguard and manage them. But, without people working behind the scenes, buildings would soon fall into disrepair and land back into its 'natural' state.

The responsibility for property management and visitor business lies with property managers with rural surveyors looking after the care and management of properties and estates. Both come into contact with other specialists in areas such as nature conservation, historic buildings, archaeology, public affairs and information. On mainly agricultural estates some rural surveyors will also fulfil the role of property manager.

The industry has an increasing need for suitably qualified people in many different land-based sectors. One of the UK's largest land-owners, the National Trust is always looking for...
"...people with an understanding of the environment, the rural economy and what's it's like to live and work in the countryside."


Staff involved in the work of the Centre for Land and Rural Business:

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