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    The National Centre for Precision Farming

    Future Planned Special Interest Groups


    Directed specifically at issues of applying the ISOBUS, ISO-supported (ISO 11783), communication protocol, including ‘PlugFests’ and the need for greater awareness and training, and the need to meet the standard’s requirements for homologation, the exhaustive testing of different combinations and configurations of equipment to ensure compatibility and practical acceptance.

    Precision Livestock Farming

    Directed at higher precision in farming and livestock management, using higher resolution applied to greater volumes of data or information acquired and processed through greater exploitation of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) and communications technologies. The Group would also consider increasing demands in respect of life cycle management, animal welfare, supply chain management, animal product safety, security, global trade, traceability and environment.


    Focusing upon agricultural robotics as an emerging precision farming discipline which, appropriately augmented with developments in intelligent processing, communications, global positioning, sensing, the Internet of Things and Internet, ‘Cloud’- based data support services, can be seen to be offering a significant platform for innovation and enterprise and a new generation of agricultural robotic capability. It is a sector of wider robotic research and development that requires particularly strong stakeholder involvement in the design of robotic systems, with appropriate attention to standardisation of common platform components, interconnection and interfacing features while providing scope for accommodating application-specific sensors and actuators.

    Agri-Tech Buildings for Production and Storage

    Focused upon the view that UK farm building stock needs considerable attention to improve air conditioning, energy conservation and control of environmentally damaging emissions. High performance facilities are viewed as essential in supporting the intensive production of livestock, production of protected horticultural crops and in the storage of harvested fruit and vegetables. The more effective and efficient our agricultural building stock is at meeting farmer/regulator needs the greater are the all-round benefits for farmers/policy makers/technology providers alike. With government attention now focused upon agricultural innovation the time is right to rejuvenate interest amongst research and industry professionals in UK farm building development.

    Membership fees will apply. The NCPF will operate on a not-for-profit basis, but seek surpluses to help develop the NCPF further through greater resources, staffing and research.

    If you are interested in any of Special Interest Groups presently on offer please contact

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