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    Interest Groups are an important vehicle for the NCPF to outreach farming and agricultural stakeholders on topics of specific significance in the development of agriculture and their application in meeting the needs for the future food security challenge.

    A particular format has been identified for these Interest Groups, in terms of both their specification and their function. A progressive policy identifying and delivering Interests Groups is being pursued, wherein the topics identified are considered to be of formative importance in the development of agriculture and demand collective consideration of stakeholder views and stakeholder participation in development initiatives.

    Partnerships between industry stakeholders and academe are required, ostensibly with industry stakeholders taking the lead in ensuring that practical and economic benefits can be gained, with the NCPF assisting in the Interest Group goals. While initial content for each Interest Group is prescribed, Group members will have the opportunity to change and develop content according to need and developments within the respective groups.

    Administration and benefits

    To cover the cost of the Interest Group services a membership fee will be applicable per annum (this authorises the participation of three company representatives with one company vote). A minimum number of members is required per group.

    The NCPF operates on a not-for-profit basis, but seek surpluses to help develop the NCPF further through greater resources, staffing and research.

    The general benefits being promoted for the NCPF Interest Groups comprise:

    • A forum for organisations and associations to address collectively the issues concerning the Interest Group topic.
    • A forum for specifying and initiating initiatives of direct relevance to the topic concerned.
    • A forum for networking and developing partnerships concerning innovation and commercialisation relating to the topic concerned.
    • A forum for identifying and partnering in research and business-supporting funding bids.
    • A collective voice on issues concerning the topic identified, including standards and identification of agriculture-related standards.
    • A role in organising and delivering awareness and training events on the topic concerned.
    • A platform for demonstrating and promoting developments and services associated with the topic concerned.
    • A platform for promoting and celebrating innovation in the topic area concerned.
    • A role in influencing education, research and development in areas associated with the topic concerned.
    • Free attendance at NCPF initiated Interest Group events and reduced rates for NCPF training events and involvement in other interest groups.

    If you are interested in any of Special Interest Groups presently on offer please contact

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