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Evaluation of a novel nematicide for the use in the management of the potato cyst nematode, Globodera pallida (Student: Patrick Norshie)


The aim of this study is to fully evaluate the performance of the novel nematicide for the management of PCN.


The objectives of this studty are to: -

1. Establish the activity of the nematicide against Globodera pallida;

2. Elucidate the mode of activity of the nematicide;

3. Understand factors affecting the performance of the nematicide in field conditions;

4. Understand the persistence of the nematicide in field soil.

5. Demonstrate how the nematicide could be integrated into a management programme for Globodera pallida

Funding Body

Makhteshim Chemical Works Ltd

Lead Organisation

Harper Adams University


Makhteshim Chemical Works Ltd

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