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    How to apply

    Please note: Applicants will be able to submit an accommodation application once they have received an email from us with further details and link from April.  

    Once you have been offered a place to study at Harper Adams (conditional or unconditional), have accepted this offer on UCAS and put us as your first choice you will be able to apply for halls of residence.

    We make every effort to offer on-campus residence to all undergraduate students in their first year of study. Online applications open by end of April and we will invite students to apply, via email. This will be done in batches linked to the date when you accepted the offer on UCAS.

    How do I chose the accommodation I'd like?

    You will be asked to select your choice of accommodation in order of preference (types of accommodation rather than halls), via the online system. Whilst every effort will be made to secure your first choice, understandably this is not always possible. Submitting your accommodation application soon after the invitation has been issued will certainly increase your chances but ultimately, it is about getting the best fit for a balanced hall and a better student experience.

    When does the application process start?

    Your invitation email will include all the details of how to submit your application. Remember to have 6 digit student application number ready (detailed at the top of the email sent to you) and your list of accommodation preferences (by type). After you have registered for an account, you will be able to log back in and make your application.

    What should I do if I have a query related to my online accommodation application?

    In first instance, please refer to the step-by-step guide sent to you with your application invitation. Most queries are addressed in this guide. If you are still unable to progress with your application, please email the Accommodation Team with your query as advised in the step-by-step guide.

    What email address should I use?

    It is very important that we have your most up-to-date email address, one which you will be able to access once you leave school and we would advise you to use an email address that is not linked to the institution you are currently registered with. To change email address, please contact our Admissions department so that they can update your record and inform us of this change, otherwise you will not be able to receive emails from us.

    What if I'm not available to complete the application process?

    Should you not be available to complete your application after you have received your invite, please ask a family member or friend to complete it on your behalf. You will need to ensure that they have access to the step-by-step guide, as well as the student applicant number and your accommodation preference list.

    What if I have a disability?

    Students with an evidenced established need (e.g. students with a disability; medical condition, care leavers; etc.) will be given priority. If you have any condition (medical or otherwise), which should be taken into consideration, please detail this on your application. Mentioning any current condition or specific circumstances at a later date may mean that your needs cannot be met. Please be aware that we may require recent evidence (last 6 months) to support your condition, disability or specific need.

    Harper Adams is my insurance choice - can I still apply?

    The Accommodation Office is unable to accept an accommodation application from insurance applicants. However, should your decision/offer change, the Accommodation Office will contact you soon after the new offer/decision with further information on the accommodation application process and details on how to submit an online application.

    When do I find out what accommodation I've got?

    We aim to let you know, by email, which accommodation you have been allocated at the end of August. Don't worry, we have a room for you. We only release offers at the end of August to ensure that we are giving the best possible room offer at that time. Once you have been allocated accommodation you will be given 7 days to accept this and the associated terms and conditions. This will secure your accommodation for you, along with a £300 deposit payment. Failure to complete the acceptance process means that your room may be reallocated.

    As a condition of entry into the university students are usually required to accept their allocated accommodation. Clearing applicants may be placed on a waiting list and/or given appropriate assistance in seeking off-campus accommodation, if no suitable on-campus accommodation is available.

    What if do not want the accommodation I am being offered?

    Where possible, we ask that students accept their allocated accommodation and 'give it a go' for the first six weeks. Many students find that they couldn't be happier and do not want to move. However, details on how to apply for alternative accommodation waiting lists will be included in the accommodation offer email but you will still be required to accept your original offer in order to be considered. If you wish to discuss your options, do not hesitate to contact the Accommodation Team.

    Please note that if you decline your accommodation offer, it will automatically close down your accommodation application and we will not be able to make you an alternative offer.

    How do I pay for my accommodation?

    As part of your accommodation acceptance offer, we will ask you to pay a £300 deposit. If you cannot meet this payment in order to confirm your acceptance, please contact the Accommodation Team to discuss alternative arrangements.

    With regards to your accommodation charges, you can either pay in full in advance (qualifying for a £100 discount) or you can pay in instalments. If you are paying in instalments, this will be split into 3 terms (39% - 33% - 28%). You can pay by cheque, credit card or Direct Debit and if you are paying by instalments, payment dates will be in line with Maintenance Loan dates.

    For more information on how to pay for your accommodation please contact our Finance Office on 01952 815214.

    What happens if my course offer is withdrawn?

    Should your course offer be withdrawn, your accommodation offer will also be cancelled and any deposit paid will be refunded. This aims to release rooms for allocation. The Accommodation Team will email you to inform you should we cancel your accommodation application. If in doubt about whether you are still holding an accommodation offer, please contact the Accommodation Office.

    What happens if I decide to defer my studies?

    If you decide to defer your studies before the start of the academic year, please advise the Accommodation Team as early as possible so that the room can be released for allocation and we can organise the £300 deposit refund, if this has already been paid. If you are postponing after the start of your studies, please refer to Accommodation Licence Agreement.

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