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How do I ...?

Guides to help you use the library and find information.

Searching and accessing information

HOLLY - signing in to search for articles on a topic

HOLLY is a good place to start to find information on a subject. You need to sign in to read the full text. Use your email address as your user name and your normal Harper password.  

Signing into the Library shows you how to do this.

Getting hold of print and e-books

This video on getting hold of print and e-books should help. We now have over 150, 000 Ebooks which you can find by searching on HOLLY and limiting your search to Availability: Available online and Resource type: book.  If you want to borrow a print book you will need to use the Click and Collect system

If you are missing browsing the Library bookshelves shows you ways to browse for print books on HOLLY

More information on using the features of e-books as well as how to search for them

Quick search HOLLY

Demonstration of a quick search on HOLLY for recent academic articles on a topic.

Accessing articles from publishers like ScienceDirect using HOLLY

You now need to use your email address to log into HOLLY resources, not just your ID number. If you follow the link from HOLLY to a publisher like ScienceDirect and you are not able to get the full text, click on login on the publisher's page and then click on institutional login. You normally have to search for Harper Adams and then your login in details will be transferred automatically to the publisher's page allowing you access.

Linking Google Scholar
Searching for an article within a specific journal

This video demonstrates searching for an article in the Grocer as an example, but the same technique applies to any journal you can find on HOLLY

Finding specialist databases and accessing Mintel

As well as HOLLY you have access to lots of specialist databases on useful topics such as market research, law, agriculture, ecology and many others. This video shows you where the list is and how to log into Mintel, a market research database. You use the same method for many of the other databases.

Statista - statistics on a wide range of subjects

Statista provides statistical data on over 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources and has global coverage. This video demonstrates how to search Statista.

Scammell and Densham online

A key text for Land Management students, Scammell and Densham is on the Lexis Nexis database. This video shows you how to find it and log in.

Government reports and statistics

Looking for government reports or statistics? This video shows you how to use Google Advanced Search to find them.

What should I do if I can't access the full text of something I need?

Please check that an article isn't available on the internet before placing a request. We may be able to obtain some items from other libraries. This video shows you how to place a request.


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