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If you decide to suspend your studies (postpone) from Harper Adams University, you must let us know as soon as possible. We will inform Student Finance about your change of circumstances and they will recalculate the amount of finance you are entitled to.

If you suspend your course due to illness, you can still get full Student Finance support for up to 60 days. In some cases this may be extended if you can prove that without your student finance you will be in hardship.

Where reasons for suspension are unforeseen or due to a personal, unavoidable situation, it is known as Compelling Personal Reasons (CPR). This could be an interruption, suspension (for more than 60 days) or previous withdrawal from a course based on unavoidable issues beyond your control such as:

  • bereavement
  • depression/mental ill-health
  • physical health issues
  • family crisis
  • caring responsibilities
  • pregnancy

CPR is a way of becoming re-eligible for student finance support which you have already received; Student Finance should ignore the year of funding during which CPR has been accepted as a reason for not completing the year successfully i.e. give you another 'gift' year.

If you believe you have CPR, you should contact Student Finance as soon as possible for details of how to make a claim as it is difficult to claim retrospectively

To apply for funding due to CPR, you should send a letter to Student Finance clearly explaining your situation. You should include details such as:

  • Your name, DOB and Customer Reference Number
  • A statement of what you are asking for, such as reinstatement of funding
  • Reasons for absence - how did they affect your ability to study
  • Length of absence - when your difficulties started and how long they are affecting you for
  • The financial hardship caused by not paying all or part of the support - explain the impact, for example, rent, food or bills

If you have previously used your gift year also mention this.

Include evidence such as bank statements, evidence of financial commitments for the period, such as rent or bills or other overdue payment letters. If applicable, provide a letter of support from an official source, such as a doctor or social worker. This should confirm the difficulties you have had, the effect they have had on your studies and proof you are not currently able to work due to your difficulties.

It is advisable to send the letter and any evidence by recorded delivery and keep photocopies of all the documents.

Send your letter and evidence to:

The Discretionary Payments Team
Student Finance England
PO Box 210

Contact us

For further assitance please contact:

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