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    The Development Trust

    Supporting the Development Trust

    Why do we need your help?

    We are dedicated to improving farming, food production and the rural economy by growing the talents of the people on which their futures depend through the best possible learning environment and support.

    We firmly believe that a well-educated, highly skilled and motivated work force provides the best investment for the future success of the land-based industries. All donations received by the Development Trust will be used to fulfil the aims of the Trust, namely to support students financially through the award of scholarships in order that they may take part in higher education and to provide first class facilities via larger capital programmes to support their learning.


    How can you help?

    The Development Trust would be delighted to discuss ways in which financial support can be provided, and a full range of funding opportunities is available on request. The University is happy to recognise publicly the generosity of its supporters and to discuss ways in which this might be brought about.


    How do you make a gift?

    Any contribution you are able to make, no matter how small, will be gratefully received and will be used to support the work of the Development Trust and Harper Adams University. We would be pleased to accept donations in a number of ways including cheques, credit cards, direct debit or standing order.

    Your gift can be made as a single donation or spread monthly or annually over a period of time. Gifts are made to the University via the Development Trust which is a registered charity.

    As a UK taxpayer, your gift can be worth more to the Development Trust if you complete a Gift Aid declaration as HM Revenue and Customs will allow the Trust to claim back the basic rate of tax that you have paid on it. If you are a higher tax rate payer you can also benefit by reclaiming from HM Revenue and Customs the difference between the basic and the higher rate of tax for the amount of your gift.

    Businesses, too, can claim tax relief on donations of money using Gift Aid, whether the donations are large, one-off or regular payments. Gift Aid works in a variety of ways depending on the type of business, whether it is a company, a partnership or sole trader (self-employed).


    What are the benefits of leaving a legacy?

    Your will is an important document. It allows you to ensure that your interests and those of your family are protected. It also allows you to acknowledge individuals, charities and organisations that are important to you.

    Should you wish to make a gift to Harper Adams University, leaving a legacy may be a useful means to do so. We recommend that you ask your solicitor to advise you on the best way to do this.

    There are practical benefits associated with making a gift through your Will.

    • Harper Adams University has charitable status and therefore pays no tax on the bequests it receives.
    • Bequests also have taxation benefits for a legator's estate. Any bequest to Harper Adams is deducted from the value of the estate before tax liability is calculated.

    There are several types of gift in a Will:

    A Residuary Gift is made up of the residual value of the estate, once all specified gifts, debts and expenses have been met. You might choose to leave the whole or part of the residue to a particular beneficiary.

    A Monetary or Pecuniary Gift is perhaps the simplest form of legacy, in that you leave a specified sum of money to a named beneficiary.

    A Specific (non-monetary) Gift allows you to leave particular items or assets to the named beneficiary. These might be property, stocks and shares or other valuable items.

    Should you wish to make a gift to Harper Adams in your Will an unrestricted gift is generally the most useful as it can be directed to the area of greatest need at the time it is received. You may wish your gift, however, to be for a specific purpose such as scholarships or facilities.

    We would be pleased to discuss the details of any proposed gift to enable you to gain a clearer idea of the University's future plans and needs. This would ensure that we fully understand your wishes for the bequest and the form of commemoration you might prefer.

    We would also be pleased to show you the University and its work, to give you a clearer idea of where your gift could be put to good use. Some of these activities are already featured on our website. Please contact the Secretary to the Trustees.


    What is Gift Aid?

    Make your money go even further with Gift Aid. If you are a UK tax payer, Harper Adams University can claim back the tax you have already paid on your gift from the Inland Revenue through the Gift Aid programme. By claiming Gift Aid, Harper Adams will receive an extra 25 pence from HM Revenue and Customs for every pound you give.

    Here's how your donation could be worth more to the University at no extra cost to you:

    Your gift to Harper Adams Your gift plus tax claimed through Gift Aid if you are a BASIC or HIGHER RATE tax payer Amount that you can claim in your self assessment tax return as a HIGHER RATE tax payer** Actual cost of donation to a HIGHER RATE tax payer, after claiming tax relief
    £50.00 £62.50 £12.50 £37.50
    £100.00 £125.00 £25.00 £75.00
    £200.00 £250.00 £50.00 £150.00
    £250.00 £312.50 £62.50 £187.50
    £300.00 £375.00 £75.00 £225.00
    £400.00 £500.00 £100.00 £300.00
    £500.00 £625.00 £125.00 £375.00
    £1000.00 £1,250.00 £250.00 £750.00
    £2,500.00 £3,125.00 £625.00 £1,875.00
    £5,000.00 £6,250.00 £1,250.00 £3,750.00
    £10,000.00 £12,500.00 £2,500.00 £7,500.00

    You can make a written declaration of your intention for Harper Adams to treat all donations as tax efficient gifts. The best way of doing this is by signing the Gift Aid declaration on your donation or by completing and sending us a Gift Aid declaration form.

    You may cancel your declaration at any time by notifying the Development. Trust

    To qualify for Gift Aid, what you pay in UK Income and Capital Gains Taxes in the tax year must at least equal the amount that Harper Adams University will claim against your gift in the tax year.

    ** If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return

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