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    About Us

    Our inclusive University

    At Harper Adams University we are committed to fostering a community of respectfulness, positive relationships and experiences in an environment free of harassment, violence, exploitation and intimidation, where all members of the university community have a part to play in developing a positive environment and a campus culture of which they can be proud.

    Show your respect... today and every day.

    Build positive relationships by:

    Being authentic, honest and committed to building and fostering respectfulness, understanding and acceptance of others and our differences across our whole community.

    Create safe environments together by:

    Actively playing a part in creating a culture of encouraging and celebrating each other and free from harassment, discrimination, exploitation, violence or intimidation both in person and on-line.

    'Calling out' and 'calling in' things that upset or worry us by:

    Tackling, addressing or reporting instances of intolerance or unacceptable behaviours.

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