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    Suppliers and procurement

    Harper Adams University is a public university and charity operating on a 'not for profit' basis in the delivery of world class teaching and research for the benefit of its students, local community and wider industry. We rely on a number of suppliers to support us in this delivery so to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our supply chain we commit to undertake robust procurement processes.

    All purchases using university funds or research grants are completed in accordance with the 2015 Public Procurement Regulations and University Financial Procedures to ensure transparency, fairness and Value for Money (VfM) lies at the heart of everything we do.

    VfM takes account of a mix of whole life cost, sustainability, quality, fitness for purpose, timeliness and results to be delivered by a product or service to judge whether or not, when taken together as a whole good value has been achieved.

    Opportunities to supply

    Harper Adams has a number of contractual arrangements in place for regular purchases and runs fully insourced Estates Maintenance, Catering and Cleaning provisions.

    In the event that a new supply requirement cannot be fulfilled by an existing contract we have two main routes to market:

    • Competitive quotes / tenders
    • Framework provider

    In accordance with the 2015 Public Procurement Regulations and University Financial Procedures the value, nature and complexity of the requirement will determine the process used.

    Please note that all requirements exceeding the EU threshold have to be tendered via a framework or OJEU compliant process. Details of current thresholds that apply to the University as an 'Other Contracting Authority' can be found on the OJEU website.

    Tenders falling within OJEU requirements will be advertised electronically in accordance with the Regulations. Links to the two principal sites where opportunities have to be listed are as follows:


    Consortium frameworks support VfM principles and offer us the opportunity to access suppliers who have already been approved via an OJEU compliant tender.

    We can access a variety of public sector consortium frameworks and agencies but as a member rely most heavily on the North Western University Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC).

    For tender opportunities with our framework providers please contact the tendering bodies directly:

    Payment and Terms

    The University is committed to working fairly and equitably with all suppliers and similarly expects relationships with suppliers to operate in a responsible manner.

    To support efficient payment, robust supplier management and auditable transactions the University operates a No Purchase Order No Pay policy.

    Invoices must be properly formatted and detail a valid Harper Adams University Purchase Order to ensure payment. The University will accept no liability for invoices received that do not comply with these instructions.

    For the avoidance of doubt the attached University Standard Terms and Conditions apply to all Orders unless otherwise agreed in writing by the University.

    Contact us

    For all contract or general purchasing queries please contact

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