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    Apprenticeships combine employment with learning. Working full time and studying during working hours, you can achieve an apprenticeship and qualifications that help you progress your career further.

    Higher and degree apprenticeships offer a different route to higher education. You will be paid a salary by a company to train as an apprentice, whilst you attend university on a part-time basis for up to five years.

    To apply for the apprenticeship, you will need to secure employment as an apprentice in your chosen profession, or already be working within the role. An apprenticeship is a job first and then the employer would select the training provider they wish to work with. An apprentice is employed and salaried by a company for the duration of their apprenticeship, working a minimum of 30 hours per week. The company will pay for the cost of their apprenticeship via Government funding or co-investment. There are no tuition fees to pay and apprentices are not eligible for student loans.

    Entry requirements are available on each apprenticeship course page.

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    How to apply for an apprenticeship

    As an apprenticeship is a job first, the application process is different to applying for a full-time university course. You are applying for a specific role with a company, who choose this University as a training provider.

    Entry requirements for an apprenticeship are the same as for full time university courses; refer to our website for specific courses and their entry requirements or contact our apprenticeships team through the make an enquiry link. 

    Vacancies usually start being advertised in the early part of the year, so start looking for vacancies from February onwards for a September start.

    Find an apprenticeship vacancy
    • Look at the Find an Apprenticeship website for local and national vacancies and apply following the employers’ recruitment process. You can set up an alert for relevant apprenticeships and see vacancies as they are advertised. 
    • Although you do not apply through UCAS, apprenticeship vacancies may be advertised on the UCAS website by employers too.
    • Approach suitable employers and ask if they would be willing to employ you as an apprentice. Look at employer websites and national vacancies.  We are very happy to speak with employers who need to know more about the apprenticeship programme.
    • Fill out the Make an Enquiry form on our website and we will send you vacancies as we are made aware.
    When you have secured employment as an apprentice
    • The employer will confirm you have been successful at interview and send us your contact details
    • We will start the apprenticeship application process online (we may need to wait for your results if you are on predicted grades)
    Applying to Harper Adams University apprenticeships
    • Check the course eligibility information to make sure you have met entry requirements (your employer will usually have the same entry requirements)
    • Complete the application form in Aptem (the system we use to track progress with your apprenticeship) – you will need an invite from the University to start this process.
    • The course leader will approve your place on the programme (they may ask for additional information or an interview if you do not meet entry requirements)
    • If your application has not been approved by the course leader, we will support you and your employer in identifying suitable alternatives
    • You will need to complete different assessments as part of the application process, including an assessment of maths and English skills and current experience of the job role
    Enrol at university

    You will be sent enrolment instructions when you have been approved on to the apprenticeship.

    Note: our higher and degree apprenticeship courses and associated funding are for England only. To apply you must have the right to work in England and have been living in the UK for at least three years prior to the start of your apprenticeship.

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