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    Crop and Environment Research Centre (CERC)

    The Crop and Environment Research Centre (CERC) is a self-sufficient, independent trials company, with clients including the government, farmer-funded bodies and private organisations.

    We can conduct trials on a range of agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops, as well as carrying our environmental research.

    Located at the heart of the Harper Adams campus, we’re uniquely placed to provide commercial services with rigorous academic backing and an unrivalled set of facilities. By working closely with the university’s staff and academics, we ensure that the research and trials we carry out are conducted at the highest possible standard.

    We might be based at Harper Adams, but having our own team of staff, labs and equipment means we’re able to design, record, grow and analyse trials to meet commercial and research demands. The result is a trials and research service that’s fair, reliable and thorough.

    We can undertake commercial trials and research work in a number of areas, including:

    • Crop science
    • Crop technology
    • Environmental impacts
    • Agrochemicals
    • Crop breeding

    We’re also officially recognised and accredited by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate to provide efficacy testing in the following categories:

    • Agricultural and horticultural tests/trials
    • Stored crops tests/trials
    • Biologicals and semiochemicals tests/trials

    To discuss how we can work with you, please contact the CERC trials manager.

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    Facilities and equipment

    Along with access to the university’s farm, biotechnology laboratories, engineering workshops and national network of trial sites, our facilities and equipment include:

    • A purpose-built research building
    • Walk-in cold storage
    • Glasshouses
    • Drying ovens
    • Polytunnels
    • A range of trials-specific equipment and machinery

    Field trials currently exceed over 20 hectares, with 5,000 trial plots. We have several glasshouses with facilities including 6x5m computer-controlled growing compartments.

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