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    General Information

    Information for Visitors

    Before you arrive

    Completing the online Visitor Registration form (which also registers your vehicle for parking purposes) before your arrival will help to speed up the registering process when you arrive onsite.

    When you arrive

    Short course attendees

    Please report to the Short Courses and Conferences Office in the Aspire Building. Directions will be provided in your joining instructions. You will be asked to sign our Visitor Registration book and will be issued with a pass which you should wear throughout your stay, and return to the Short Course and Conferences Office or Reception in Main Building before you leave us. (for those on short courses) or conference delegate list.

    Your course manager will be responsible for escorting you from and to reception and will assist you in case of an emergency. You will be asked to sign a course attendance list.

    Conference delegates

    Your conference organiser will advise you where to report upon arrival. They will be responsible for welcoming you and directing you around campus. You will be asked to sign a list of conference delegates.

    External contractors

    We operate a pass system for external contractors visiting or working on campus. It applies to companies and their staff contracted by the university to carry out estimates, installations, servicing, or repairs to buildings, equipment services and work on infrastructure or utilities such as electricity, gas, water and drainage.

    Companies making delivery/collections or agricultural contractors do not require a contractor's pass.

    On arrival you must report to the Estates Foreman to sign in. You must read the asbestos regulations/guidelines and any other buildings guidance for the intended area of operation before commencing work. Please observe any local rules in areas where additional personal protective equipment may need to be worn or other procedures need to be followed. All contractors must provide and wear their own personal protective equipment (PPE) when it is required as part of their activity and risk assessment. 

    Where can I park?

    Parking on campus is free for visitors.

    Do you know your vehicle number plate?

    • Yes: Enter your details on the Visitor Registration Form which will register your vehicle for the duration of your visit.
    • No: Visitors who do not know the number plate of the vehicle (e.g. you're using a hire car) must complete the Visitor Registration Form, and will receive a permit to print which must be displayed while on campus.

    Parking charge notices can be issued for visitors who have not registered their vehicle, or have not correctly displayed a permit. You'll find details of permitted car parks on our campus plan. Please note that the roads and car parks across campus are limited to 5mph. Caynton Road is a 30mph zone and the B5062 is 40mph. 

    Where is my classroom?

    If you are unsure how to find your class, conference room or accommodation call/visit the Conference Office or Reception in Main Building for directions. Out of hours contact Security.

    Visitor Registration ➜

    Useful contacts

    If you have any queries, our staff will be pleased to help.

      Internal External
    Short Course and Conferences Office 5324 or 5300 01952 815324 or 815300
    Main Reception 0 01952 820280
    Porter/Security Guard 5321 01952 815321
    Security Guard   07980 061128
    Dentist   01952 811973
    Doctor   01952 820400
    Doctor out of hours   111
    Emergency   999 / 112
    Taxis   01952 501050 or 01952 813636


    Residential halls

    Enjoy a comfortable stay in our halls of residence. We have more than 400 single en-suite rooms, and 160 bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities.

    All are situated on the main campus and guests are never more than a short walk away from the onsite facilities such as the dining halls, cafes, study and sports facilities.

    Each floor/ block in your hall of residence will have drinks-making facilities for coffee, tea, herbal/fruit teas etc.

    Guest suites

    The upper west wing of the Main Building, the family home of our benefactor, Thomas Harper Adams, is given over to five charming guest suites, each with its own individual character. These suites have superb views across the university's gardens and fields. All the bedrooms are equipped with tea and coffee making facilities.

    Towels, toiletries and linen are provided. Rooms and bathrooms are serviced on a daily basis. All bedrooms are non-smoking.


    You can collect your key and useful information pack from the Short Courses and Conferences Office. Out of normal office hours keys can be collected from Security in the Porters Lodge opposite the Aspire Centre.

    Vacating my room

    Unless alternative arrangements have been made guests must vacate their rooms by 9.00am. If your key is not returned by 9.00am you may be charged an extra night's stay. Unless specific arrangements have been made with your organiser, please take your key to either the Short Course and Conferences Office in the Aspire Centre Reception, Security Office or Queen Mother Hall Foyer, where a key return box will be situated.

    Replacement or damaged keys are £30.00 with replacement swipe cards or key fobs at £10.00.

    How do I find the access code for my room?

    If the room you have been assigned has an access code, you will be provided with the number at the start of your visit.

    Who do I tell about damages/repairs?

    Please report all damages, repairs and non-daily cleaning to your course or conference organiser or a member of the Short Course and Conferences team. We may charge for any repairs / cleaning not be considered to be general wear and tear.

    How often will my room be cleaned?

    Your room and bathrooms are serviced every day and towels are changed every third day.

    Off-campus accommodation

    You'll find a wide choice of B&B and hotel accommodation in Shropshire.

    Main Building guest suite


    Is Wi-Fi access included?

    Free access to our wireless network is included for all guests and delegates, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, including all conference facilities and halls of residence.

    If you're staying overnight you'll find the Wi-Fi log-in on your accommodation key pack. Otherwise, your conference/short course organiser will let you know the details.

    If you are having trouble connecting you can contact the Short Course and Conferences Office or IT Helpdesk in the library (01952 815050).


    If you have already joined EduRoam through another institution you will also be able to access Wi-Fi through that service at Harper Adams.

    Students using mobile phones on campus


    Are refreshments available?

    Each floor/ block in your hall of residence will have drinks-making facilities for coffee, tea, herbal/fruit teas etc.

    Food and drink can be bought on the main campus from the Kaldi coffee shop in the library, and Graze café, in the Faccenda student centre. Costa in the AgriEpi Centre is located on the South side on the campus.

    Is there a convenience store?

    The Feed Store shop, on the ground floor of the Faccenda centre, stocks snacks, newspapers, toiletries and a selection of general groceries.

    Can you cater for my dietary needs?

    If you have any special dietary requirements please inform the Short Course and Conferences Office or your course/conference organiser who will let the catering department know.

    Coffee in the Kaldi cafe

    Emergencies and medical help

    What if I need first aid or emergency medical help?

    If you require First Aid treatment please call 01952 815599. This will go through to Reception/Security who will find out your location and send a first aider to assist you. Once the first aider has treated you they will complete an accident form by taking your details. 

    In the event of a fire or accident requiring Emergency Services (Fire brigade or Ambulance) please call 999. If you are using an internal phone please dial 9 for an outside line i.e. 9-999. Any call to emergency services should be reported to Reception/Security by calling 01952 815599 (or 5599 on an internal phone) so they are aware of the incident and can assist accordingly. 

    Outside of office hours:

    • Contact Campus Security on 07980 061128.
    • An out-of-hours doctors/advisory service is available on 111 for non-emergencies.
    • For emergency medical treatment call 999.

    What if there's a fire or emergency?

    The fire alarm is a very loud distinctive siren. If you hear this, please leave the building by the nearest safe fire exit and make your way to the assembly point. Assembly points are located in car parks adjacent to the building you are evacuating. Please do not return to the building to collect personal belongings. When it is safe, you will be instructed that you may re-enter the building.

    Refuge areas are located by stairwells. Should you be unable to evacuate using the staircase please wait in these areas. A phone or call point in the refuge area should be pressed and this will alert the security team to your location. There are trained Fire Marshalls on-site so please follow any instructions they may issue. 

    The fire alarm is tested weekly on Wednesday and the alarm will sound for 10-20 seconds. This is a test - do not evacuate. In the event of a fire, please sound the alarm by pressing the break glass point (red box) in the corridor or room and evacuate the building using the nearest fire exit. Make your way to the fire assembly point. 

    What if I have an accident or near-miss?

    All accidents and near misses must be reported to your course or conference organiser or a member of the Conference and Short Course team.

    What if I have COVID symptoms?

    If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as flu or COVID, then you should not visit the campus until you are well again. Please inform your host and they will make some new arrangements for you to visit another time. 

    Whilst on campus please ensure you regularly wash your hands and use the hand sanitiser available. Face coverings will be available should you wish to use one. 



    Are there facilities for people with disabilities?

    Car Parking for disabled people is available on QMH, Bamford Library, Foulkes Crowther Building, Weston, Agricultural Engineering Innovation Centre car park and limited spaces at rear of the Main Building. Please refer to the campus map for locations.

    Disabled toilets are located in the Main Building, Bamford Library, Queen Mother Hall, Foulkes Crowther, Faccenda, Weston and Agricultural Engineering Innovation Centre.

    Lifts are available in most buildings.

    Can I use the library?

    Visitors are welcome to use our library facilities, including browsing books and journals in the library and online, and advice from the library team.

    PCs are available for visitors to use with a guest log-in, available from the IT Service Desk on the first floor. You can also print and photocopying documents in the library. Stationary is available to buy from the Welcome Hub. You will not, however, be able to take books out on loan.

    Can I use the sports facilities?

    We have lots of great sports facilities such as a bowling green and tennis/basketball/squash courts that you may use. The Short Course and Conferences Office holds a limited amount of sports equipment that is available for guests to borrow. Talk to your course/ conference organiser or a member of the Conference and Short Course team to arrange this.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I smoke on campus?

    General smoking or vaping is not permitted within any university buildings or vehicles. Please smoke or vape outdoors keeping a five-meter distance away from entrances, exits and open windows. There are smoking bins located across campus with outdoor seating. 


    Harper Adams is a working university with a commercial farm onsite and some restricted areas. Please do not enter any controlled area without authorisation.

    How can I find out about the university's history?

    Take a look on our website or, for a more detailed history, read our official book, Lure of the Land - copies are available to browse in the university's library, or to buy from Reception in Main Building.

    Where can I find lost property?

    For general lost and found enquiries in the first instance should be directed to your Course Manager or Group Organiser or a member of the Short Course and Conferences Office. Any lost property handed to us can be collected during our opening hours.

    If the missing item is of great value or a credit card, etc. this should be reported to the Short Course and Conferences team during office hours and the Security Officer at other times. We cannot accept any responsibility for property brought to or left at the university.

    Can I bring children on campus?

    Yes, but please remember that children are the responsibility of parents or carers who bring them to the university. They should always be accompanied by an adult indoors and outside. Children must be kept at a safe distance from ponds, animal enclosures and all other dangers on site. Please do not leave children unattended in residential accommodation.

    Can I bring my pet?

    All animals brought onto site must be authorised by the Short Course and Conferences Office. Please don't leave an animal unattended in a vehicle. Animals permitted to be kept in residential accommodation should be housed in suitably designed containers. All animal waste must be disposed of correctly. All dogs must be kept on a lead except for training classes.

    Do you have pay phones?

    Public cash phones are situated outside the Queen Mother Hall, the rear of the Main Building and by the crossroads on the B5062. Look out for the traditional red kiosks!

    Mobile reception on campus is generally good.

    Can I bring electrical devices such as laptops and phones with me?

    Yes, though we ask you to ensure that personal electrical items are compatible with the UK electrical current and that devices are unplugged before leaving your rooms each day.

    Who can I give feedback to?

    Your opinions on our venue are very important to us. If you have any comments that you would like to make, please get in touch with the Short Course and Conferences Office or your conference/course organiser.

    We hope that you enjoy your visit to Harper Adams University.


    Visiting the Farm

    Farm and Animal Areas 

    Access and visits to the HAU Farm are strictly by arrangement only. Bio-security is of major importance to us. We ask that you please follow all instructions posted on campus. 

    Please be aware that many large vehicles are moving across the campus as we have a working farm. Keep to footpaths. 

    Please observe the following safety measures when working on, or visiting, the farm and livestock areas, and act on notices posted:

    • Do not touch, pet or feed the animals
    • Do not touch the fencing or perimeter of where the animals are kept or enter animal enclosures 
    • Avoid startling the animals 
    • Remain with your host at all times 
    • Wear suitable footwear as the ground can be uneven and slippery 
    • Wear suitable clothing appropriate for outdoors and inclement weather
    • Ensure you use the disinfected foot dips/mats when present 
    • Adhere to any instructions or signage as may be appropriate 
    • ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly after visiting the Farm. Please do not eat, drink or smoke until after you have washed your hands. 

    Your host should kindly inform farm staff of any planned (group) visits so that they may be accommodated. Please note, that if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant, do not visit the Beef and Sheep areas during March and April. 

    Parking at the farm is for farm staff only. Visitors should use the other available car parks across campus and walk to the farm using the main road. Please keep to the pedestrian side of the road or use the footpaths where available. 


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