Applying through Clearing

Clearing is an extension of the main UCAS application process, where eligible applicants contact universities to discuss their suitability for places that are still available.

You can only make a Clearing application if you are eligible. If you have previously applied you will able to see this by logging into UCAS Track and looking at your choices information; if all your choices are closed (either through being withdrawn, declined or rejected) then you will have the option to 'add a Clearing choice' and you will also be assigned a Clearing number. (If you have only applied for one course during the main UCAS cycle, you will need to contact UCAS to pay the remainder of the application fee to be eligible for Clearing.) If you have not made an application in the main cycle you can make an initial application in Clearing, but you will still need to contact universities directly to discuss places and options. You should not click the 'add clearing choice' button until you have spoken to a member of the admissions team about your application and you have been advised to do so. Doing it without speaking to someone could mean that your application is frozen until it is released and you could find that you miss out on Clearing opportunities here and elsewhere.

Clearing applicants who wish to be considered for a place on a Harper Adams University course need to contact the Admissions Office in the first instance. You will need to have your UCAS ID and/or Clearing number to hand when you call, so we can view your UCAS application online during the call. You also need to have all your qualifications to hand, including ones which have just been awarded. Our dedicated team will discuss the course you are interested in with you, and will go through your qualifications and work experience to determine if you are suitably qualified for the course. (Please note that in some circumstances, where the numbers of places are extremely limited, the entrance requirements for Clearing applicants may differ from those previously published.) They will also be able to put you directly though to a member of the course team if required, for a more in depth discussion of the course of interest.

If you have not already completed a UCAS application, you will still need to do this before any place can be confirmed through Clearing, but you can still contact us to discuss your options.

Where possible, a decision will be made on your application straight away. If this is not possible we will give you an indication of when you will hear back from us before the end of the call.

If we are able to offer you a place, you will be advised to click the 'add clearing choice' button and to enter the details of the course. If you are an A level student you will not be able to do this until the Clearing referral window opens opens at 3pm on Thursday 18 August. UCAS delay the opening of the Clearing referral window for A level students, to allow all applicants in Clearing the opportunity to make enquiries and make more informed decisions. This will then send your UCAS application to us electronically for us to check and confirm your offer of a place. You will be given a deadline to do this, so please do it as soon as possible to ensure the place offered remains available.

Once this is complete we will confirm the place to you in writing and with this you will receive all the information required to commence studies here at Harper Adams University, including joining instructions and information about accommodation.

Student finance

Still to apply for finance?

If you've been made awarded a place through the Clearing process and haven't applied for student finance you need to apply right away, if you need Student Finance to assit with tuition fees or living costs. Applications take at least six weeks to be processed, but an initial assessment will be made so you have some money as close to the start of your course as possible.

Don't forget - the sooner you apply the better! Apply now by registering for, or logging into, your online account on the student finance website.

Already applied for student finance?

If you've already applied for full-time student finance but decided to change your course or university, you need to let your awarded student finance body know as soon as possible as it might affect what student finance you're able to get.

It's easy to change your course, university or college details online; log into your account and then:

  • Go to your account
  • Change your application
  • University/College course

Further Information

For further information on our courses and entry requirements please contact:

Admissions Office
Tel: 01952 815000

Alternatively if you would like some independent advice, you can call the UCAS Exam Results Helpline on 0808 100 8000. Further information can be found at

Entry requirements

We are mainly looking for applicants who meet the published entry requirements on our course pages. However, we are willing to consider applicants who are a 'near-miss', particularly if they have relevant work experience or other attributes.