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    In the news: Farmland robot can not only distinguish crops but also be more environmentally friendly.

    15 November 2018

    Published in China: see original article

    A small robot company in the UK has developed a range of custom-made flexible robots for agriculture that can replace existing field tractors. Agriculture is often considered to be behind the high-tech era, and for farmers, their workplace is a fertile experimental field of innovative technology. They were the first to use commercial drones and the first to use autonomous driving techniques...

    ...the small robot company developed an artificial intelligence system "Wellman" that can distinguish between "wheat" and "non-wheat". It also received training in the collection of data from Rachel. Under the guidance of “Wellman”, robots provided by small robot companies will be able to spray pesticides and cultivate land.

    According to the company, small robotics can reduce emissions by 95%, increase revenue by 40% and reduce costs by up to 60%. “We worked with Harper Adams in England and reduced costs by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.” Scott Robinson added, “We don’t allow chemicals to flow into the soil, nor let the soil Being washed away, this will allow future farmers to have better farming conditions."



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