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    10 Things Your Uni Room Needs!

    29 March 2019

    Think you know everything you need to know about what to bring to uni? Think again!

    1. A plug socket strip/extension cable - guaranteed the plug sockets in your uni room will be nowhere near where you need them to be! Simple solution? A plug socket strip or extension cable, just make sure it's fused!

    2. A mattress protector (or as many bedding furnishings you can get) - mattresses in rented houses and accommodation sometimes aren't the comfiest to sleep on so

    3. A doorstop - the best way to make friends and be sociable! Propping your door open slightly makes your room look a bit more inviting and more people are likely to pop in for a chat. Side note: make sure to check your accommodations policy on propping open doors and that it won't be affecting any fire doors first.

    4. A beanbag - You know I've just mentioned people popping in for a chat? Well, a flatmate in my first year had a beanbag and let me tell you, it was the comfiest thing ever! Her room was a great space for us all to pile into to talk about the day because we had space for us all to sit!

    5. Something that remind you of being at home - pictures, an ornament, a blanket or even a teddy bear. You can bring whatever you like to make your room a bit more homely, personally I find less is more and can't be doing with moving clutter and ornaments around so I just bought a few pictures and a sheep shaped pillow I keep on my bed from home.

    6. A lamp - most uni rooms only come with overhead room lighting and so bringing a lamp is a nice way to provide some lighting ~ ambience ~ to your room (It also means you don't have to get out of bed to turn the light off after watching Netflix).

    7. A shower caddy - If you don't have an en-suite in your uni room and are going into a shared bathroom a shower caddy is a must! After dropping my wet shampoo bottle post-shower and having it explode over the bathroom (do you know how difficult it is to clean up an entire bottle of shampoo?!?! :( ) I invested in a £1 washing peg basket/high tech shower caddy from B&M and my bubbly woes were no more.

    8. A pack of cards - Make yourself the life and soul of the party by being the supplier of a pack of playing cards, the social time essential.

    9. A calendar/planner of sorts - The first hint of the fact that you are slowly turning into your parents. All those years you were bugged by your mum to put what days you were busy on the family calendar? Now look who won't be able to keep track of everything going on!

    10. Extra storage - either an extra set of drawers or some under bed storage, uni rooms aren't huge and usually come with minimal furnishings so you might just want somewhere to store items you don't use that often.

     If you want to find out more about accommodation and what to expect at Harper Adams, check out the link below! [ ](

    By Taylor Burgess



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