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Halls and socialising


17 April 2019

The most important thing to remember about first year accommodation is that if you don't get along with flat/house mates very well, or a friendship doesn't blossom, don't worry! Your new friends don't have to be from your flat, and in most cases, they aren't. Make time to socialise with other people from your halls and perhaps other people on your course to make new friends.

Being a catered student was really good for me for socialising and making new friends. A group of about 8 of us always used to meet at the end of Flatt Road to walk over together at meal times after having met through freshers events; we were from different Flatt Road houses, different backgrounds, different parts of the country, but we became a close group. Remember, if you move in to your accommodation and you really don't like it or feel comfortable, there is often a chance to move rooms/halls.

By Ryan White


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