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    Stockcroft Final Year Scholarship: Jonathan Boland

    23 April 2019

    Jonathan Boland, 22, from Fintona Co Tyrone, is a BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Marketing student and a recipient of the Stockcroft Final Year Scholarship.

    Jonathan was very pleased with his award; he said, “I would like to thank Sally, David and Tom Stocking and the Fawley Farms family firstly on the opportunity of working for such a successful business within the pig industry.

    "I have a keen interest within the pig industry and all I was lacking was knowledge of the outdoor pig production system. I applied as Stockcroft, Fawley Farms are one of the biggest producers in England, being successful would open many doors and opportunities within the pig industry.

    "This scholarship means a lot to me and it will certainly help me financially during my final year. Sally Stockings invited me into her home for the 14 months and treated me like another son, so this scholarship means a lot to me.”

    Jonathan received experience of the outdoor pig production that he said he would not have been able to receive at home in Northern Ireland. He said, “This award will also give me a nice platform for the future; I have certainly learned a lot from being there for the 14 months and these skills and experiences will be with me for years to come”.

    Jonathan has always been interested in agriculture from a young age; he said, “Having grown up on a pig and cattle farm in Fintona Co Tyrone agriculture, farming has always been a passion of mine. I chose to study Agriculture with Marketing, as I would like to understand the business side of the agricultural industry as well as the agriculture. I chose Harper Adams as they have a wide range of courses available.

    “My ambitions are to have a key role within the pig industry and be part of producing the best pig possible both nutritionally and genetically.”

    Jonathan has achieved many things from learning to play the guitar and snare drum to receiving his Queens’s badge. He said, “I was a member of the Boys Brigade for 14 years from the moment I started school to the time I finished. Throughout the years I have competed in football, badminton, table tennis, scripture and cross-country competitions. I have also been awarded the biggest awards within the Boys Brigade: the President's and Queen's Badge. This was all very awarding and worthwhile."

    Stockcroft Final Year Scholarship: Jonathan Boland



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